I will go to work today

13:00-20:00 Reception

If you contact us by 20:00, you can play until 23:30.

Please feel free to contact us

I have nothing to write

I'm running out of stories~

That's why I don't have any ideas for writing a photo diary today! That's what I noticed.


Did anything interesting happen recently?


No, you know.

that's right.

I was talking to my grandma on the phone just now.

I'm hard of hearing, so I'm tired because I have to speak loudly every time.

Also, since it runs from Ikebukuro Station to the office, people will turn around if you speak loudly.

If there was a woman calling loudly at Ikebukuro station, it would be...

It's me! ! !

So, I've gained a decent amount of characters, so that's it for today.


I look forward to working with you today.

Go to girl