26 August 2016, we received the gut-wrenching news that haematology consultants at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff believed Ryan had a very rare form of Lymphoma, known only to Asian and Latin American populations of men over the age of 50. 

There were still further tests needed as a few experts were baffled to see this cancer in a 14 year old Western European Caucasian boy. We were given the confirmation diagnosis of EBV positive NK/T-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on 2 September 2016. Steroid Chemo started while planning began ready for 5 weeks of intense Radiotherapy before commencing 6 months of SMILE chemotherapy protocol.

Ryan's medical team consists of haematologists, pathologists, histologists and immunologists who all agree that Ryan's episode of Glandular Fever in 2015 set off a chain reaction of the Epstein-Barr virus invading his T-cells ultimately causing the cancer.

Since that day we have battled, sepsis, peritonitis, Radiotherapy and 3 of 6 cycles of SMILE chemotherapy. Ry is the only child in Wales as far as we can find to have: EBV positive Extra nodal NK/T cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma nasal type, Stage 1E.

If there is anyone else out there with this type of Head and Neck Cancer or who has had SMILE chemotherapy please do get in contact. If not you can still follow our whole journey at BellybuttonPanada.co.uk