It seems to me that people who grow up in the snow and blizzardy weather are those who want to move as far south as they possibly can and those who grow up in the warmer climate generally want to stay. So, why should you not jump on board and pack your bags and start planning your move south? I can give you 10 good reasons why to move to a Southern State and some of them I am sure you have yet to even think about yourself.


 The number one reason why people move south, in my opinion, is because of the warmer weather. I mean that is why I moved south. Think about it, you can do all your favorite things all year round. You want to go swimming, no problem. How about a hike? Let’s go! We went on a hike the day after Christmas last year. You want to just relax outside, you are able to anytime you want. You never have to stay inside because of snow and ice. It is rarely cold and when it is cold it is tolerable.


 Moving here from the North, I was pleasantly surprised with the friendliness of people down here. Everybody is so used to foreigners being here that they are actually very friendly towards them. People will ask you random questions while you are out shopping. You can have a complete conversation with a complete stranger and feel like you know them by the end of the conversation.

Slow Pace 

 Sometimes this can be a bad thing. When we first moved down here we were not expecting the slow pace part of living down here. As we started to get acclimated to the area we realized that it is not just while you are on vacation, but living in the south has a slower pace about it. It is like something in the air says no rush. Nobody is ever in a rush to get anyplace.


 There is more of a respect, or at least that is what I have found living in the South. I am not by any means saying that I did not have any respect for others while growing up, but it is a yes sir, no sir type of respect down here. It is just a different type of respect than up north.

Small Town Feel 

 With the friendliness and slow pace of life down here, no matter where you are at it truly has that small-town feel to it. People are people but it is most definitely that southern hospitality that draws me in. I love the small-town feel yet big city living type of style and that is exactly what you get down here.

Lower Cost of Living 

 Growing up all I heard was how expensive it was to live south because you were closer to the beach. However, I have found the opposite to be true. Moving from up north the cost of living down here is actually less than where our families live and they live in two different states up north. Housing, gas, food, everything is either at equal value or less than up north. There is no reason why people should be concerned about the cost of living in the south.


 People in the south are genuinely happier than those that live up in the north. I believe it is because the sun shines all year round. People are out in the sun all year and they do not feel as though they have to stay inside because of the cold weather because of this I believe it makes people happier.


 Up north, I bet 2 out of 3 people I ran across were on some type of medication because of depression, bronchitis, or some sort of illness. Well, done here in the south people are less likely to be ill. Meaningless trips to the doctor’s office and people’s health is genuinely better down here. This could be because of being able to be outside in the sunshine, but I think it is more of a mind over matter type of thing. The sun is shining so I have to be healthy to be able to go outside.


 There are always fun things going on. Since southern states are a high tourist area, there are always tons of things to do. There are family-friendly events as well as the night out scene. It is wonderful to have all kinds of options around to help you enjoy living. You really do not need to go on vacation because you have what everybody goes on vacation for, the sunny weather and fun events.


 Living in a southern state has a family feeling to it. We have been here for a little over a year now and have already made lifetime friends. It could be that we live near military bases, but even those who are not part of the military give you that family love feeling. The friendships we have made here are ones that will most definitely last a lifetime.


 Needless to say, living in the south is way worth it. Okay so you do not have all the seasons but you have summer, hot summer, and hotter summer. What more could you ask for? You are able to be outside at any time of year and you truly live a happier and healthier life. Things are more laid back in the south. I am sure you think I am crazy but I assure you I am not. There is a slower pace to life down here. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and move to a southern state just to see that I am right!

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