One of the best and beautiful things in the world is love. Love is a strong affection that no one can let go quickly. We all need to love and be loved as well. It is great to have that special one who will always be there for and who will love you unconditionally. Staying in a relationship is not easy, that is why most people tend to break up after a short time. We all should know love comes with responsibilities. Hence they are many things we need to observe carefully to make him stay. In this article, I will give you tips to ensure that your man stays with you and your relationship lasts. 

1. Swallow your pride 

Ego and pride is a dangerous thing to have in a relationship. Having a big ego and pride can destroy you and your relationship into pieces. It lures you and blindfolds you not knowing what he has in mind for your big for nothing ego. Yes, it is advisable to have some, but too much of something is poisonous. Observe your ego little mama and make your love life a heaven on earth. Try swallow that pride and be humble when you need to be.

2. Listen to him when he talks

Everybody likes attention, and you are not an exception. So when your man talks, it won’t cost you a dollar to give him some ear. He will appreciate and digest your seriousness in the relationship. So ladies pay full attention when he tries to explain himself. Let him finish explaining himself first before you jump to conclusions

3. Be there for him

As the old saying goes, no man is an island. Very accurate because they need that someone who will always be there for them in times of trouble and times of joy as well. You should try to help him out. The world can be very stress and being there for him in times of hardship will make him appreciate you, thus it will be hard for him to leave. No man wants a woman who he can’t rely upon when the time comes. So a woman who loves his man and wants to keep him, you should always be there for your man, no matter the time or day.

4. Argue reasonably

Every relationship has fights and all sort of misunderstandings. My lady, don’t take this argument too far, fight with him, argue but don’t go beyond your limits. Stay on track and discuss within the boundaries. Also, cut short of the argument with that cute French kiss to divert his temper. How you communicate with him is very crucial in the relationship and arguing is an important part of that.

5. Late night calls

Remind him that he is still the ONE with that one late night call just to tell him that you miss him and he should dream with you for the evening. This sort of unexpected calls leaves him to think critically more about the relationship and get even more severe with you.

6. Surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises? I am sure every guy has whispered to his girl what he dreams to have though he doesn’t have due to various reasons; too much commitment and so on. Most probably when there is a major event coming up in the life of a couple, likes of anniversary, birthdays, valentines, it can be hard to find a perfect gift unless you know what the other party wants. I suggest you can opt to make something handmade to avoid buying something they most probably will never use. For instance, you can bake him a cake, or an impromptu picnic can pass well do perfectly fine.

7. Reason with him

All men are faced with a dilemma at some point in life. This the best time to collect yourself and make him feel your presence in the room. Offer all sort of reasonable ideas that can get him to come up with a quite meaningful decision. This can also be the turning point in your lives; he won’t forget about it quickly as you

8. Compassion

Every guy loves a lady who is compassionate. However, be real and know what you man wants and loves. Don’t follow blinding what you read on blogs, magazines or what you see on the television. Give him the best company he has ever had in life. Be kind enough to him and

9. Great sex 

In every relationship, sex is a very fundamental aspect. Sex increases the bond between the two of you as a couple. 99% of the guys will agree with me, that they want their ladies to be great in bed. No man wants a slob in bed. We all want a woman who rocks you in bed and makes you feel as if you are in heaven. It connects two souls and also symbolizes the power of love. Give him the greatest pleasure he has ever felt. All along, communication is the key to better sex. Telling him what you like and what you don’t can be informative and so direct as you get to know each other bodies.

10. Objectives

Create your relationship goals and make him see what you want in that relationship. Goals/ Target keep you on your toes and make your life so purposefully. Setting objectives with your partner will make your relationship strive.


Stay real and be yourself. Love can come and go, but with necessary and sufficient precautions, you can keep it forever. One of the most horrible feelings is losing a great man. Sometimes we tend to regret later in life some of the things, and we did or did not do. However, before regretting and wishing you could go in time and change some stuff, take this time and try to implementing these key points. Don’t lose the one you love because you missed out two or three little things you should have done before. Self-control, communication and stirring things up when things start to go astray are the best weapon to keep you in the game.