At times what`s part of your daily routine might astonish you, a friend who has always been more on the `safe` side, one day reveals her tattoo that she has for years but kept it as a secret.  

Life surely is full of surprises! Nothing is as simple as it seems, `cause everything is never as it seems` as told to us in the song firefly.

Something as normal as sleep even gives out signs to us which we miss out on, look at how many songs we have on sleep I`ve been missing you crazy how do you how do you sleep? Errr by keeping my eyes wide shut?

Let`s take our sleep and think over how we don`t actually know about it. Oh yes, this love-hate relation we carry with our sleep, have we ever tried going in to the depth of it? Being sleepy at the wrong time makes us hate sleep also not being able to doze off at the right time gives out these curses for sleep, sitting and desiring to be one of those with the perfect sleep pattern leaves us in an awe; I want that sleep life too!

So let`s talk about sleep baby, let`s talk about blanket, pillow and sleeping position? 

1. If it takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep at night, you are sleep deprived.

On average, it takes people between 10 and 15 minutes to fall asleep. If you are falling asleep faster than that it means you are overtired. 

Yay! Problem number one solved, the reason we can`t sleep like the people in movies do is because we are bunch of lazy people who do nothing, or maybe, because we are real normal people whose bodies don`t work under a script`s direction. How amazing!

2. Sleep literally cleans your brain 

`Sleep on it` why? The entire day your brain is working, the moment you wake up it`s the brain that lets you know oh! you`re late so move fast or take your time, you probably don`t have to skip breakfast today. With a chaos in your head, by the end of the day all that thought process needs to stop, just like you need a vacation, your brain needs sleep.

Maiken Nedergaard, a co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester, says ‘It’s like a dishwasher, just as we wouldn’t eat off dirty dishes, why should we settle for going through the day with anything less than the full power and potential of our brains?”

3. Pain tolerance is reduced by sleep deprivation 

No, honey it`s not that you`re too sensitive but it`s because you lack sleep thus the attraction towards all the little pains in life.

4. Sleep deprivation will kill you more quickly than food deprivation 

Next time anyone texts `I can`t live without you` please know that they`re lying. Everyone thought food and water are the basic necessities of life, guess what? Sleep before food! Life is full of surprises, no? told ya!

Wanna end this life? Go sleepless for 10 days!

5. Dreaming is normal 

It`s completely okay to see a movie which is for your eyes only aka your dreams! Research says if one doesn`t dream then they generally have personality disorder. Also a dream is usually forgotten the moment one wakes up, some people although do remember their dreams well 10% of their dreams the rest 90% stays a secret from all, even from their own self. The dream I had of you I`ll probably never know what it was.

6. Men have dreams about other men 70% of the time. Women dream about men and women equally. 

Whyyyy? Why are then women stereotyped as the envious gender? When clearly males have more issues with each other, and I`m not saying that before you start off bashing me, it`s the science talking.

7. Sleep experts have discovered a direct link between people’s favourite sleeping positions and their personalities 

Mind readers scare me, there are so many times when I`m thinking about all the utter rubbish in the world only to be caught with the thought `what if someone is reading my mind` that one idea makes me get my head on the right track. When one is sleeping you`re partially dead to the word, having no control over your dreams or your position, ever thought what if someone is watching you sleep and making an assessment of your personality, by the position you`re sleeping in. Creepy.

8. Some parts of your brain stay awake 

Usually people complain how they couldn`t sleep in their new room/a new environment/at a friend`s place because some noises kept waking them up, or it just wasn`t comfortable enough and various other reasons. All of this is due to our brain being extra protective about us, yes, you heard that right, it`s not that your body isn`t comfortable enough it`s because in an attempt to protect the body from possible threats, half of the brain stays more awake and alert when you sleep in a new environment.

9. Women may need more sleep than men

Where most men say `what does a woman even do` let me tell you, women multi task be it a housewife or a working woman hence they need 20-60 minutes more of sleep than men, if a man does complex work then even he deserves more sleep but not as much as a woman does. Go beautiful take your power nap, you earned it.

10. Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping 

While two thirds of a cat’s life is spent asleep, let`s just be a cat and sleep wherever and whenever we like, people would still love us and we`ll get tons of cute sleeping pictures.

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine, get some rest cause trust me nobody wants to see a zombie walking or hear a person whine about their tragic sleepless life.