Mind-wrecking. Consuming. Self-destructing. Shattering. Hurting.

Those are just some words to describe your sadness. Words that scream hollowness or being full of it all. 

One way or another, we’ve gone through it all. When all seems to be wrong, or to fail, or to come crashing down. You can’t move, you can’t work, and you can’t function properly. When everything seems to be a little bit of work, even the things that make you usually happy. You know it. Sometimes, it feels like there’s just too much going on in your mind, or nothing at all, or both: there’s just too much to think about, you end up falling in what seems like an abyss of emptiness. 

But it’s not.  

Recognizing and admitting to your state of sadness is good, for the most part. It’s one step towards feeling better. And that is number one. 

#1 Acknowledge and identify your emotions

Because how else should you be able to combat it? You know how they say “how do you fix someone who doesn’t know their broken?” 

It’s perfectly normal. Everyone goes through it. Knowing you’re sad, miserable, in a problem or whatnot, makes you aware there should be something you have to do to fix it. There’s a state of equilibrium that you stay in; it could go up or down depending on several factors. And it’s safe to say that most things in life are not permanent, and this is one of those things. 

Feeling bad is sometimes good, for the most part. You get to contemplate and be aware of your problem or whatever is going wrong, and in knowing that, you should be able to realize that there are steps to vanish it. And if it is something that isn’t fixable, it shouldn’t be something you have to submerge yourself in, but something to learn and get a drive from. 

#2 Resolve to oust the source of your despair 

Had there been a loss of a loved one? Are you angered or frustrated? Do you feel lost, defeated or left behind? 

Detach yourself from the negative things –or people– in your life. Forgive yourself or other people who have wronged you. Let go and look forward to better things coming your way. Do not compare yourself to other people. Refocus and disconnect from bad thoughts. It will only get you deeper to drowning. 

Happiness is a choice our brains make. And if you believe it, you can custom your mind to it. 

#3 Appreciate positive aspects in your everyday life 

Sometimes, you might feel like there’s nothing good going on right now. But it could only be because you had been focusing too much on only one part of your colourful, meaningful life. There may had been many things you have unconsciously ignored. 

Write it down, it takes you more time spending on positive thoughts, and it becomes truer. 

List down things to be thankful for or happy about. It could be that you woke up today and you get to have another shot at life, or that today’s weather is your favourite, how the sun is brightly shining, or how the rain is so comforting. 

#4 Set goals 

Realistic ones, of course.  

Maybe you want to learn a new language or improve your knowledge of your chosen field? Or how you want to focus on losing weight or being fit? Or to be more open-minded or patient? It could literally be anything you want to accomplish. You can even make it into a bucket list. It could be something you want to attain, or make. Something about yourself, your surroundings, a job, or a skill and hobby you want to improve on. It could go from sane to crazy, as long as it is something you can do, and will actually strive on. 

And again, write it down. 

#5 Exercise 

Many people don’t take this seriously that much. But do you know that exercising produces precious endorphins in your body? They are our body’s natural narcotics. They hinder the transmission of pain signals. So after (or even during) an exercise, we generally feel an uplift going on inside us. 

No need for drugs. We have a natural factory of sedatives and analgesics in our body. So go and move. 

#6 Explore the world 

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the other side of the world. (But hey, why not if you can?) Get that sunlight, out of your confined zone. 

Appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Walk. It could be a different culture, a fresh look at the normal things you usually see, or the wind gushing on your face. You will come to notice that these simple things helps you relax. 

#7 Eat properly 

Bad diet worsens your overall state, and it could lead to another physical problem or make you gain unnecessary extra weight. Eat healthy. It is proven that certain several foods can help you alleviate sadness or depression, or boost your mood. Try foods high in vitamin B, milk, asparagus, or apples. The list could go on and on. 

#8 Listen to music 

It’s sometimes great to have those lyrics all laid out to you like someone read your mind, right? Try listening to upbeat music, it alters brain chemistry, and a good way to unwind. It could still be ones that you could relate to but helps on turning that sad thoughts into positive ones. But still, upbeat ones. 

What about going on a music adventure, yes? 

#9 Connect 

Friends. Family. Workmates. Strangers. Talk and bond with other people. Go on a date. Have a picnic with them. It’s good to still connect yourself to the world while healing yourself. It is a means of interacting, while discovering endless possibilities of yourself. But stay away from negative people. They only make EVE.RY.THING. They release bad auras, and it is infectious. 

And lastly, 

#10 Contemplate and be ready 

Know what to do when sadness hits you again. Contemplate on the things you’ve learned and things you have experienced. Be aware on tell-tale signs when you know it’s gonna smack you again. Stick to a positive outlook in life and the betterment of your whole being. Refocus yourself and think of life as a renewed chance for growing every day. Smile.