The movie industry also has its own recognized masterpieces, which have caused unanimous delight among both critics and ordinary viewers. When highly anticipated, new movies are in no hurry to hit the screen, it's time to turn to the classics. Over the long history of cinema, there have been many excellent movies that we somehow managed to forget. I have compiled a list of 14 movies that may not have earned all possible prestigious awards but are clearly worth your attention. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1975 

Criminal Randall Patrick McMurphy ends up in a psychiatric clinic, where he first tries to fight the system and then decides to escape. Together with another patient, he develops a plan but receives the long-awaited freedom in a completely unexpected way. 

The director Milos Forman managed to achieve incredible acting. The film crew spent a couple of weeks in the real department of the psychiatric clinic, where the artists ate and took procedures with the patients. Forman encouraged improvisation, and often the actors did not even realize that the cameras were working and filming was already in progress. By the way, Ken Kesey, based on whose novel the movie was made, never watched it and was extremely unhappy with the film adaptation. But viewers and critics were unanimous in their delight. 

The feature film cost the creators a modest, even by the standards of the 1970s, $3 million and unexpectedly brought $100 million in revenue. Critics saw the struggle of an ordinary person with an all-powerful state machine in the movie, and ordinary viewers were fascinated by the story of a rebel. In the early 90s, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was added to the national film register and recognized as a cultural heritage. 

It Happened One Night, 1934 

The millionaire's spoiled daughter Ellie escapes from her family. On the way, she meets reporter Peter, who is looking for an amazing story for his article.

The filming process participants were unhappy with the work: the leading actress, Claudette Colbert, even claimed that she “just finished the worst motion picture in the world.” At the same time, the delightful acting and vivid dialogues brought the movie incredible popularity. There is no philosophical depth or serious subtext behind the scenes, but this light and funny comedy is still a pleasure to watch. 

The authors of modern romantic comedies ("Diary of Bridget Jones", for example) were somehow inspired by this good old film of the 30s. And although the actors did not really believe in success, the plot of the movie “It Happened One Night” is relevant today. 

IMDb rating - 8.1 

The Silence of the Lambs, 1991

FBI Academy cadet young Clarissa Starling is investigating a complicated case. She is forced to seek help from an inmate in a psychiatric clinic, a deadly, but at the same time magnificent and attractive Doctor Lector. 

A gripping, well-written story and vivid characters - that's what sinks into the soul when watching "The Silence of the Lambs." Sir Anthony Hopkins superbly portrayed a mad, dangerous, but attractive maniac. Thanks to him, the name Hannibal Lector has become a household name. 

Anthony Hopkins spent only 16 minutes on the screen, but for them, he attended high-profile court hearings, studied the dossiers of the villains, and even visited the prisons where they were kept. Unlike typical Hollywood thrillers, The Silence of the Lambs has no shooting or chases, but a spark has slipped between the main characters. Yes, such that even 30 years after the release, the movie is on the top lists. 

IMDb rating - 8.6 

Gone with the Wind (1939) 

The love story of southern beauty Scarlett O'Hara and adventurer Rhett Butler unfolds during epoch-making historical events. 

The picture was filmed back in 1939, but it's still interesting to watch the ups and downs of Scarlett and Rhett's life. The excellent performance of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable makes the audience empathize and worry about the characters. And the phrase "I'll think about it tomorrow!" became famous. 

"Gone with the Wind" is one of those successful film adaptations that does not require familiarity with the original book to understand what is happening on the screen. Epic scenes and romantic events may look a little old-fashioned, but they still evoke the same bright feelings. 

IMDb rating - 8.1 

Annie Hall, 1977 

Stand-up comedian Alvy Singer, a true neurotic, and eccentric singer Annie Hall fall in love. Alas, their romance is doomed in advance. 

This picture was the beginning of Woody Allen's directorial career. Incredible wit, funny scenes, and numerous cultural references turn a light romantic comedy into deep and exciting work. 

This is one of Woody Allen's most dynamic and lively works.  Allen loves to put the image of a New Yorker suffering from all kinds of neuroses on the screen. And in this tape, he succeeded in this best of all. 

IMDb rating - 8 

American Beauty, 1999

Lester Burnham is 40 years old. A common midlife crisis forces him to do several unexpected things that trigger a whole chain of events. 

Stunning visuals, Kevin Spacey's perfect acting, and great music create a fantastic atmosphere. Despite the dramatic plot, the film has many comedic and satirical scenes. American Beauty is, in many ways, a fun puzzle game. The film is so often mentioned in modern works that it is worth watching to understand what people are talking about. 

IMDb rating - 8.3 

The Apartment, 1960 

An employee of the insurance company C.C. Baxter is the proud owner of a cozy apartment not far from the office. In hopes of a promotion, Baxter has allowed bosses to date at his apartment, which greatly interferes with his personal life. 

The film was shot on black and white film, which creates a slightly gloomy atmosphere of films of the noir genre of the 40s. Director Billy Wilder, with gentle humor, tells the story of how ambition and greed can make even pretty people do things that are not pretty. The excellent soundtrack, as well as the acting work of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, brought incredible popularity to the movie. 

The Apartment is also worth seeing for the great dialogues in which the characters are revealed. By the way, the previous movie with Jack Lemmon, "There are only girls in jazz," was also filmed in black and white. 

IMDb rating - 8.3 

Network, 1976 

The TV channel owners are ruthlessly using their ex-employee's madness to boost ratings and make more money. 

A gloomy satire that looks relevant today. All the actors play so well that sometimes it seems like a TV channel's everyday life is shown on the screen. You unconditionally believe in the changes of the heroes because the motives of their actions are clear. 

All the events that take place on the screen are understandable and familiar. Network quite recognizably draws the image of a modern TV channel. Therefore, watching the development of events is sometimes not so much funny as scary. 

Million Dollar Baby, 2004 

With the help of an experienced coach, a persistent and talented waitress makes her way into professional boxing. 

The plot of the drama does not shine with novelty. But the soulful and touching play of the actors allows the story to go beyond the usual clichés. Eastwood demonstrates an outstanding director's skill here, forcing the audience to empathize with the characters. 

Sometimes it's hard to watch what is happening. Eastwood is ruthless to his characters and the audience. In drawing reality, he is not trying to sweeten the pill. And this applies not so much to the fights in the ring as to the characters' personal relationships. 

IMDb rating - 8.1 

The English Patient, 1996 

The action takes place in the last months of World War II. A young nurse is caring for a patient in whose past some mystery is hiding. An interesting plot and a tragic love line draw attention to this tape.

Ralph Fiennes splendidly plays the role of a traveler and explorer who unexpectedly found love in the heart of Africa. The gloomy ending, which is known to viewers from the first scenes, does not deprive the story of its attractiveness. Colin Firth's character, a cheated husband, looks depressingly true.

IMDb rating - 7.4

Chinatown, 1974

A private detective begins to investigate a love affair but is caught up in a web of lies, corruption, and politics.

Roman Polanski splendidly recreated the atmosphere of the 30s in his film, filled with cruelty, intrigue, and corruption. The role of Jake Gittes was a real breakthrough for Jack Nicholson. And Faye Dunaway is frighteningly convincing as a femme fatale.

This is an amazingly thought out and impeccably built plot. There is not a single extra scene and not a single useless character. Each actor perfectly performs his role, even if he appears on the screen for only a couple of seconds. The motives and actions of the heroes are quite understandable. In this picture, you might not want to change a single word or scene.

IMDb rating - 8.1

Rocky, 1976

Amateur boxer Rocky Balboa gets a unique chance to fight in the ring with the reigning champion Apollo Creed.

The film won universal love with the slightly naive but sincere acting of Sylvester Stallone, who enthusiastically and selflessly recreates the image of his character. Many scenes from the film became real classics and gave birth to many quotes. And the delightful music still makes our hearts beat.

This is a movie that is worth watching in moments of sadness. Nothing is more inspiring than an unpretentious plot that ends with a crushing victory for the main character. And no matter how many times you return to this movie, you will still empathize with Rocky Balboa, who bravely fights for his luck.

IMDb rating - 8.1

La La Land, 2016

A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love with each other. They try to build relationships and find a balance between feelings and ambition.

A vibrant, colorful musical film that perfectly recreates the atmosphere of old Hollywood. A funny, a little sad, but the quite a common love story of two talented people, thanks to the excellent acting and an amazing soundtrack, turns into an unforgettable work.

The dances and songs are so beautiful that the picture can be watched endlessly. In this movie, music is important first of all, and only then the characters' plot and dialogues. The feelings of the heroes, their thoughts, and desires are shown through movements and various musical motives. By the way, La La Land broke the record for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and collected 7 Golden Globes.

IMDb rating - 8

My Boyfriend Is Crazy (Silver Linings Playbook), 2012

After being treated in a psychiatric clinic, Pat Solitano lives with his parents and dreams of winning his wife's love again. And suddenly, at a party with friends, he meets Tiffany - a charming girl who has her own problems.

Thanks to the excellent acting and the original script, the film avoids the many clichés that usually accompany romantic comedies. The movie is not devoid of sentimentality, and there is also a place for both subtle humor and unexpected plot turns.

The movie makes you think about family relationships. And encourages you not so much to rethink them but rather inspires some kind of change. For example, to pay more attention to loved ones and to listen to their opinion.

IMDb rating - 7.7

Have you found any new movie for yourself on this list? Or perhaps would you suggest adding another movie to this list?