From the moment he declared his interest to run for the presidency in June, Donald Trump has prominently been featured in the news. What about his modish wife, Melania Trump? I bet you, very little is known by the public about her. Unlike Trump, who speaks out his mind liked or not, Melania is preservative and doesn’t prefer publicity. Unfortunately, she was hauled into the news in March due to pressure by the anti-Trump super PAC who castigated Donald as unfit for the presidency because his wife had previously modeled nude for a magazine. Now with Donald Trump as the president, the America’s first lady has to be known. 

Who really is Melania? 

Born in the year 1970 in Slovenia as Melanija Knavs. Was raised up in the communist Yugoslavia and speaks five languages: Slovene, French, English, German, and Serbian. The father was a car dealer whereas the mom was a clothing designer; Melania’s older sister is called Ines. Melania ventured into fashion as early as age 5 and by age 16 she had her first commercial. Her breakthrough in the modeling industry occurred at age 17 when she encountered the famous photographer Stane Jerko. A year later she contracted a modeling agency in Milan and operated between Paris and Milan on photo shoots. Had her last name substituted with Knauss from Knavs. Relocated in 1996 to New York

1. Melania refused to give her Phone number to Trump

In 1998 at a party, Donald requested Melania’s number but she refused. She was aged 28 by then and was invited by an Italian businessman, Paolo Zampolli who established her as a model in the US. The property tycoon who was later to become her husband had turned up with a different lady whom she excused to a restroom in order to have an easy time with Melania. That’s when Trump asked for her contacts but she declined and instead requested for his contacts. Donald gave her both of his personal and business contacts, this hinted to something serious to Melania.

2. She is the least famous presidential spouse since Hillary

According to ABC News poll, Melania is the most unpopular amongst the presidential spouses since Hillary Clinton.

An analysis of the spouses of both the presidential candidates and their running mates in the polls of last year revealed Bill Clinton, the former president as the most famous, followed by Tim Kaine; Clinton’s vice president. Mike Pence, a republican was third, and Malenia took the last position.

3. She is Trump’s third wife.

Melania Trump, previously Melania Knauss entered into courtship in 1998 with Donald Trump, in 2005 they solemnized their marriage and in 2006 delivered a baby boy, Barron. Donald had in the 1990s been married to Marla Maples, a media personality; they had a daughter together, Tiffany Trump. The couple began while Donald was still married to his first wife, Czechoslovakian Ivana Zelnickova, whom he had married in 1977. They have three children – Eric, Ivanka, and eldest son Donald Trump Jr who is 38 years old and 8 years younger than his step-mom, Melania.

4. Melania’s wedding was attended by Hillary Clinton

350 invited guests to the wedding of Melania and Trump included Bill and Hillary Clinton. It took place at the groom's landmark Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Jr and Eric, Trump’s two sons were the best men and Ines, Melania’s sister served as the maid of honor.

5. Melania has a secret half-brother 

Victor Knavs, Melania's father, had secretly fathered a son before marrying Melania's mother.

After a court proved Knavs was the biological father to Denis Cigelnjak's, he consented to offer support though had denied initially. However, he has never gotten in touch with his son and is unaware of his existence. Cigelnjak, currently at age 50 still resides in the family's native Slovenia.

6. Melania says her son is the 'Little Donald'

Melania’s son Barron of age 10 likes being in full suit and playing golf with his dad. Baron is spoken of one with an attitude of commanding people around like Donald.

7. She is the first lady to ever have modeled nude

A nude photo of Melania in a French men's monthly magazine, acquired by the New York Post, shows Melania lying in a bed naked beside Emma Eriksson, a Scandinavian model. Jarl Ale de Basseville, a photographer that took the picture says it was not for porn but for beauty.

8. Melania supports her husband's rigid position on immigration

She backs up the Republican’s and by extension Donald Trump’s tough policies on immigrants. She is an immigrant in the US as well.

9. Melania admonishes Donald Trump to 'act more presidential'

Donald is reported telling the crowd during a rally in Arizona, that both of Melania and Ivanka, his eldest daughter, do not like his conduct and therefore advises him to behave as a president.

10. Melania claims that she is not shy in advising her husband on political matters.

Melania is reported to have told CNN that as much as she doesn’t approve all that Trump says, she often speaks out her mind.

11. Melania is of the idea that people ought to be kind to each other

Just five days prior to the election, Melina in a rather rare campaign speech outlined her vision in case she became the first lady, saying that she would endeavor to fight a culture of discrimination on the social media.

12. Melania doesn't always have the best timing

The magazine was released on the very day that her husband was initiating the process for erecting a wall along the Mexican border.

In addition, the President proposed a tax of 20% to be imposed on imports from Mexico to fund the wall. A decision that will lead to an increase of poverty level among the Mexican working class.

13. Melania has not yet fully moved to Washington DC

She made an announcement of her return to New York immediately after the swearing in ceremony in Washington DC.Her spokeswoman has reported that Melania would be spending her time both in New York and in Washington DC because of her son’s school schedule.

14. Melania is constantly on message

In a meeting of Republican lawmakers in Washington DC just a day to Trump’s inauguration, Trump surprisingly requested her to say something and though she shook her head in denial but Trump insisted by stepping aside. She spoke shortly but on point and thanked the people for their full support and indicated her readiness to work. She was greatly applauded.

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