Each of us strives for comfort. Like their owners, pets are not averse to getting a good rest, although sometimes they do it quite differently from their two-legged friends. 

In this post, we have found photos that prove that our pets have their own ideas about convenience and entertainment. The photos are accompanied by comments from pet owners.

1. Another confirmation that cats do not obey the laws of physics

2. I found a cat lying on a bowl of grapes. He crushed all the berries but is very proud of himself

3. The original method of using a scratching post

4. I think I wasted my money on a cat tree

5. I caught my cat while using the drawer as a chair. It seems that she herself was surprised 

6. The classic adage of all cats: "If I fit in, I'll sit."

7. Well, at least she doesn't eat it

8. Cats have their own idea of ​​convenience

9. My cat has decided that the aqua filter is his new roost. Now we can't even make coffee. 

10. He always finds a way to sleep on clean linen

11. Last Christmas, I could not understand for a long time why the branches of my Christmas tree were tangled and broken. And then it dawned on me 

12. I turned on the light and realized that Izzy was thinking over a plan for my death

13. My cats decided they were strawberries

14. When I first saw it, I thought that the cat was crawling through the building. It looked very strange

15. Our cat since recently likes to sleep in strange places. In the bath, in the sink ... Today, he found himself a more interesting bed.

16. I don't understand how he can be comfortable at all. He stayed in this position for half an hour

17. The problem is that when I try to get up, I feel awkward in front of her

18. Horus has found a perfect place to sleep

What oddities in the behavior of your favorite pets have you noticed?