Did you notice how different our pets look when they take a bath and after they are dry!  Today I took a closer look at the photos of social network users who shared their four-legged friends' bathing process and was so impressed that I decided to devote an entire post to this topic.  Some photos are accompanied by pet owner comments.

But still beautiful 

Ferret size change

She loves to take a bath. Really!

“Our kitty had to swim today. As you can see, she was extremely unhappy."


"I regretted asking the groomer to take a photo of my cat after bathing."

"Does anyone else have a cat that turns into a monster while bathing?"

"My kitten Buttercup takes a bath for the second time in his life."

"I bathed my cat 2 weeks ago, but I'm still afraid to sleep next to her."

"This is the kindest cat in the world."

"Our dog is already 14 years old, and he still hates swimming."

"He doesn't particularly like bath days."

"My majestic dog with wet fur."

"My dog ​​looks exactly like Gandalf while bathing."

"My spitz is taking a bath."

"Man, leave my fur alone and let me out of the bath."

“Time to wash. Now he doesn't look so cool. "

It's time for this little gremlin to take a dip.

In progress vs. Washed

"I think it's safe to say that he doesn't like water."

Do your pets like to swim? Or do you have to go for a trick to lure them into the bathroom?

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