Buying an engagement ring is more than just going to your nearest jewellery store and buying the first ring you like. For starters, the ring is for your significant other; hence, the ring you buy must be liked by her.

An engagement ring is a demonstration of the love and trust you have for your future spouse, and you should make a big deal when choosing the ring. In this blog, we will look at five different types of engagement rings for women so that you can choose the best one for her according to her tastes. We will also talk about the best place to buy engagement rings online.

Minimalist engagement ring

Minimalist designs are everywhere. May it be home decor or a wedding theme, we live in a world now where less is actually more. Minimalist engagement rings emphasise a single stone and have simple, uncomplicated designs. Imagine a fine ring that allows a flawlessly cut diamond to shine without any interruptions. A minimalist ring, like this minimalist platinum ring, is the ideal option for those who value subtlety as a beautiful quality. It radiates a subtle elegance that lets the diamond's inherent brilliance show through.

Take, for instance, a single solitaire diamond ring. The diamond's timeless beauty is highlighted by the ring's simplicity, without overpowering the outfit or other jewelleries.

Geometric engagement ring

The geometric engagement ring is the perfect choice for the woman who enjoys modern design. These rings incorporate curves, lines, and angles to produce visually arresting designs that are inspired by contemporary art and architecture. Geometric rings give a strong and creative interpretation of love's geometry, from angular bands to hexagonal halos. These rings are proof that jewellery doesn’t always need to be intricate or complex.

Consider a hexagonal 14k rose gold geometric ring that is encircled by smaller diamonds. The geometric components capture the depth of your relationship while echoing modernism.

Solitaire engagement ring

A classic and reliable option is a solitaire engagement ring. This design, which has a single diamond as the focal point, embodies traditional elegance. The simple band draws all attention to the diamond's brilliance, elevating it to status as a universal representation of enduring love.

For example, this simple yet elegant solitaire diamond ring is perfect for your partner. Its brilliance is mesmerising in its understated elegance. The solitaire ring exemplifies tradition and emphasises the beauty of a love that endures.

Halo engagement ring

The halo engagement ring is a stunning option if your future wife believes that extra glimmer may make everything better. Smaller diamonds surround a centre diamond to produce a halo effect that increases the core stone's apparent size and brilliance. It's a decision that radiates luxury and alluring brilliance.

Imagine a rose gold ring with an emerald-shaped diamond in the centre and a halo of round-cut diamonds around it. The extra shimmer of this TRG21005 halo not only highlights the centre diamond but also represents the many memories you'll make together.

Couple rings

Sharing a couple's rings is like sharing the love you have for each other, but in a materialistic form. These rings, which are worn by both lovers, may have matching engravings or other personalised features. Couple rings show your love through a joint piece of jewellery and serve as a concrete memory of your relationship.

Choose matching bands that may be engraved with emotional initials or the coordinates of an important location. For example, a gold diamond engagement ring can stand for both your lovely union and your unique, separate identities.


Understanding the many different possible styles is essential in the search for the ideal engagement ring. These alternatives cover a wide range of preferences and personalities, from the grace of solitaires to the brilliance of halo rings, the allure of minimalist designs to the modernism of geometric rings, and the symbolism of pair rings. Place your partner's uniqueness at the centre of your decision-making.

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