Everyone who is engaged in marketing knows how much stressful it can be a process of creating high-quality and consistent marketing content. Starting from brainstorming the topics, creating content, editing, proofreading, to the final release, the creators do much more work than just posting the content. For majority of companies, marketing messages are one of the primary channels for acquiring customers, and the owners invest thousands of dollars in employing high-quality marketing content creators. However, content marketing is not always so convincing, especially if you make some of the following errors.

1. Focusing on the quantity instead of the quality 

The rule number one of the content marketing is based on the creation of high-quality, appropriate materials rather than preparing the rare fragments of content quickly.

Martha Stewart from “Food Network” is giving the example of hosting live streams about cooking. “In case she becomes inconsistent in creating her content, and in case her shows stop demonstrating the entire meal preparation process, she would experience a complete failure,” says Mr. Chirag Kulkarni. By the way, Kulkarni is the execute director of “Insightfully,” the company that uses artificial intelligence to discover the ways businesses can connect with their customers.

Let’s get back to this particular example and let’s try to link it with strategies for content marketing. Most people who produce bad content and its variable amounts fall to create strong bonds with their customers.

According to Kulkarni, the rule for starting out is to generate small amounts of high-quality content in the beginning. For B2B companies, an article of around 1500 words works great. However, if you are working directly with clients, then 500 words is the best solution.

If you can publish only a single piece of high-quality content per month, it is okay. Stick with that until you get the chance to work more but never forget to keep the quality.

2. Skipping the proofreading process

You have two solutions for creating content without errors. The first one is to use the tools and applications to check spelling and grammar while the other one is to hire people who will do that for you.

Obviously, the second choice is far more expensive, but it is more likely that a human will do a quite better job than a machine. A human proofreader will pay attention to sentences constructions and other similar details that robots can not recognize and fix.

Making mistakes in spelling, especially misspell the name of a particular product which is supposed to earn you income can be utterly devastating when it comes to the trust of your potential customers. Some of them will see you as frivolous while the other part of the audience will think that they did not find the right product. However, it may be less harmful to make a mistake in the description, but in the end, there is no reason for making mistakes. Otherwise, the competition will beat you up.

3. Not researching enough

Have you ever encountered a particular subject and said: “I will start writing about it?" According to Kulkarni, it is an excellent way to get into trouble. The best method to deal with such error is using the tools such as BuzzSumo to help you analyze posts by key phrase or URL. Doing so, you will be able to see which post is the best one according to the audience rather than having to deal with guesswork. Furthermore, you can even find out what kind of content had the best performance when it comes to particular social channels.

Your visitor will consider two things when it comes to your website. The first one is whether or not you are offering what they are looking for while the second one is whether or not they can find it quickly. People hate wasting their time. They will certainly not stay on your website for too long if they are not able to quickly find what the right information.

4. Not writing valuable content

The main difference between the feeble and relevant content is the way you are treating a particular theme.

"I strongly believe that content marketing needs to be an opportunity for getting to know someone with something, and it is also a way to provide the best out of you. You might think that this is the perfect way for people to grab your ideas, while in reality, most people do not even care enough about what works well, and they are not interested in analyzing errors," says Kulkarni.

An easy method for you to create valuable content is sharing your knowledge about a particular subject. "For instance, I wrote an article on the development of Twitter and how I gained 50k followers in a period of one year. Until now, it’s the most popular piece of content on my site because it clearly informs readers. I got between six and eight clients per month who need help with the development of a strategy for social media, even though I informed them about how to do it on their own," claims Kulkarni.

5. Not building your audience

The most of you probably launched a blog once in a while and then figured out that no one actually reads the content you publish?

"Unfortunately, in my experience, this story is true more often than not," said Kulkarni. Actually, a little tip you have to learn is that content promotion should take about 80 percent of the time while writing it should take only 20 percent.

It means that if you spend two hours on writing the content, then you need to spend at least eight hours on promoting that particular content to people with whom you are connected through your web pages. You can even try to reach those people who would find your content helpful.

Another useful advice is that your contact information list is virtually of the utmost importance when trying to build an audience. According to the research platform “HubSpot,” the database you use for sending emails is getting reduced by nearly 23 percent each year. That is the reason why it is crucial to ensure that you are using efficient techniques for boosting your audience.