I do not know about you, but I love to go places and see new things. However, I am a middle working class person so it is not like I can just go places and spend tons of money. This does not stop me from going though. I find inexpensive places and take weekend trips or sometimes we just take day trips but in any case, we never spend too much money. Too much money is relative but I think what you are going to find is anyone can go to places and see things. Here I am going to give you 5 inexpensive places to vacation to.  

Hershey, PA 

Hershey, PA is well known. I mean who does not like a Hershey bar and what better way to spend a vacation than learning how Hershey started? It is actually a very interesting story and suggest that everyone takes a trip there. You learn so much and spend so little. You can even create your own candy bar. That is correct folks you get to design and fill your very own candy bar. This place is very inexpensive to visit as well.

For this trip, I used Priceline negotiator where I got a 4-star hotel for 50 dollars a night. I love Priceline negotiator and recommend everyone use it for their last-minute trips. That is exactly what this was too, it was a last-minute surprise father’s day gift for my husband. We did not have much money to spend so I knew I had to do something fairly inexpensive and I found it.  

We went for two nights spent 100 dollars on a room for both nights, with tax it came out to be something like 120 dollars but still it was a great deal. Then we went exploring at Hershey. Now, we did not go to the amusement park, but everything we did was free except making the candy bar. We literally got to view the museum, go to a chocolate tasting, go on a ride through history, and make our own candy bar for 20 dollars for the two of us. Our child was only 7 months old at the time so we did not spend anything on him. We spent literally less than 300 dollars to have a nice little getaway. This was a great place that I recommend to everyone.  

Mammoth Cave Kentucky 

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky what beauty this place has. The caves are absolutely stunning as well as the nature that is around the caves. If you do not mind rustic living for a few days this is the perfect place to go exploring. You can see all the beauty there is at the caves for under 300 dollars for two. This includes going in the caves and your living expenses the only thing it does not take into account is the gas to get there but for a 300 dollar trip plus gas for 3 nights and 4 days to see the beauty of nature why not take that road trip?

Gatlinburg, TN 

Before I write about this one let me just add I have not been to Gatlinburg since the fire has happened but I am sure there is still much beauty to be seen. Gatlinburg is a beautiful place and if you stay right outside of Gatlinburg in Pigeon Forge, you can make this trip an inexpensive trip. The beauty you see here too, I mean it is just filled with nature. I suggest everyone going to the Smokey Mountains at least once in their lifetime.

Again, I used Priceline to get the hotel room and I got it for 30 dollars a night. We stayed for 4 nights and 5 days. We had 4 people go and we spent under 500 dollars plus gas while there. There are tons of inexpensive things to do while you are there and you really do not need to do the expensive things because the Smokey Mountains are enough to see. It is truly a magical place.  

Snowshoe, WV 

If you like skiing than Snowshoe is the place to go to. For two to go and ski and stay at the resort it only costs 300 dollars for 2 nights and 3 days. You do not have good cell service so it is a nice getaway even if you do not like going skiing. It is beautiful up on the Mountain top looking down at all the snow. Obviously, you have to eat while you are there, with eating the total expense came out to be around 500 dollars plus gas.

Folly Beach, SC 

This is the more expensive place on the list but still inexpensive to go to. If you love the beach life and are looking for an inexpensive beach house this is probably the place to go. We got a beach house with 4 bedrooms for an entire week for 900 dollars. We ate out most of the time on this trip but still, the entire trip cost us under 1500 dollars to stay on the beach and eat out every day. We ate our leftovers but still, this is a great place to vacation to.

It is not far from Charleston, SC either. So, you have the opportunity to go see the history of Charleston as well as the Aquarium. Learning about the history of Charleston is interesting, to say the least. This is a beautiful place to visit and what better way to vacation than waking up hearing the ocean roaring in the early morning and taking nice long morning walks along the beach?  


It does not take much to have a good time. You do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars going to places like amusement parks and such to have a great time. You do not even have to spend thousands on a beach house or thousands to have that cabin in the woods, you just have to know the beauty that is around you to have a great time. Hershey, Mammoth Cave, Gatlinburg, Snowshoe, and Folly beach all have something different to offer but none the less they are all still as gorgeous as the next. Do not spend thousands to learn the beauty explore the beauty.

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