If you are an animal lover, there is no question in my mind that you probably have at least one dog. As a dog owner myself, I sometimes find myself saying the weirdest things. Things that I never thought I would have ever said. In fact, raising a dog, in my opinion, is just like raising a child. You have to teach them to use the toilet outside and not on your floor, you have to teach them not to jump and not to bite, and you have to teach them how to stay calm when someone new comes to visit. So similar to raising a child. Anyway, I find myself saying things I never thought in a million years that I would say.  

Do Not Dig the Foundation 

I never in a million years thought I would say the words stop digging up the foundation of the house. I mean why would I ever have to say that? But I have had to say it so many times, I stopped counting. But there is a funny story that goes with it.

You know dogs tend to dig where we humans dig or if they see us digging then they decide it is okay to dig themselves. Hence, we had been doing some major digging in our yard as we put up a fence in our backyard, a patio, a fence around the air conditioning unit, and many other things.  

  I kept telling the dog to stop digging up the foundation that she could dig anyplace else but around the house. I do not want the house to start falling because of you digging. I would take her out to the middle of the yard and show her that she could dig there just not by the house.  

So, one night after my husband got home from work we let her outside in our fenced-in backyard and we did not see her for a few. I was busy so I asked my husband to go out and check on her. He found her in the middle of the yard digging. She was digging right where I told her too but she dug a huge hole. Still, I could not be angry because she did exactly what I asked of her.  

Why Do You... 

Why do you act this way when he is home? I never thought I would have to say this to a dog. Maybe my child but never my dog. My dog is good as gold for me all day long and my husband walks in and it is like a totally different dog. I always say to her why do you act this way when he comes home? After I say these words she tends to calm down but I never dreamed I would have to say them to a dog.

I Am the Alpha of the Relationship 

Okay, so if you are an animal lover you realize that dogs tend to follow the alpha of the pack, the leader. Well, my dog has decided to start going under beds. I would not mind it if our bedrooms were not carpet and when she gets excited or jealous she pees. Anyways, I guess her safe spot is under the bed and when I go under to get her I have to say I am the alpha I am not scared of you as I am sticking my hand under the bed. I have to say these words because she shows me her teeth and growls at me but she never bites me which shows me she knows I am the alpha of the pack. Nevertheless, I inform her by telling her that I am the alpha of the relationship.

Why Be Jealous? 

I never thought I would be telling my dog why be jealous? But I do. I have to ask her this question on a daily basis. She gets so jealous when my husband is home because she is not getting as much attention as she was before he came home from work. It is crazy how many times I have had to ask her this. I truly think it is a female thing. When I had a male dog I never had this problem. But boy oh boy does she ever get jealous.

Do Not Chew My Underwear 

Okay, not only did I never expect to say this to a dog, but I never dreamed those words would ever come out of my mouth. As a dog owner of two dogs at separate times, I can honestly say it must be a dog thing. I mean really my underwear? Why? But I have now had to throw away 6 perfectly good pair of underwear. Every time I tell her to stop chewing my underwear or do not chew my underwear up. I know she understands me but she continues to do it anyway.

I get it dogs will be dogs and I absolutely love my dog. She truly is a good dog just in the puppy stage but some of the things I have had come out of my mouth are astonishing me at times. It would not be so astonishing if I did not know she understands what I say. I mean seriously what dog do you know will go dig in the middle of the yard because you told them not to dig by the foundation? Hence, she understands me. In my mind, if she wanted us to believe she was not smart then she should have not shown us that she understands what we say.  

If you want excitement in your life and you need a companion in your life then I highly recommend getting a dog. They will be loyal to you and make you smile each and every day. You will say the weirdest things, but in the end, it will be well worth your investment.  

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