From hidden cameras, radars, and known-location speed cameras, police departments have covered it all when it comes to catching traffic violators and giving Las Vegas speeding tickets. Since policemen can’t catch every speed sign as you drive, it makes sense why they constantly keep an eye on the way the traffic around you behaves. It pays to keep a low profile. For instance, if you have a sports car, you should expect that the police will keep an eye out for you, and if you are driving a mini van, you need to be extra careful.

How to avoid speeding tickets?

Watch your mouth if you’re pulled over.

It is always a good idea to be friendly and polite to a policeman who pulls you over. But friendliness doesn’t need to involve being chatty. The more you talk, the greater risk that you’ll accidentally incriminate yourself in some way. It is important to say as little as possible, and when you get pulled over, you are required to follow instructions, which are to not answer questions. If the policeman asks you questions, you can ask to speak with your lawyer. It is polite throughout the process because the more antagonistic you are, the more violations the police are likely to write you up for.

Challenge the legality of the ticket.

The equipment used to measure the speed of the vehicle usually needs regular calibration to avoid incorrect readings. But police departments are often busy to make time for equipment calibration. If you are caught, there are chances that the measuring device is a poorly calibrated unit. All you need to do to get rid of the ticket is to challenge the police department in court for using poorly maintained equipment.

If you’re measured with a laser device, the ticket is automatically thrown out by the court because laser devices cannot be calibrated. What you need to do is to show up and challenge it. If you got a photo ticket, there are laws in many states that require a forensic expert who will analyze the photo to determine your speed needs to be present in court. This is necessary because the law gives you the right to “face in your accuser.” Oftentimes, police departments are understaffed to be able to spare their forensic experts, and if you show up, you win by default.

Other technicalities.

In any legal case, you can have your credibility and integrity questioned especially if you misremember one detail from one court hearing or police hearing. You can use this to gain technical accuracy in your favor. Unless it is illegal in your state to record conversations with the police, you should be alert enough to switch on your cellphone’s recording mode as soon as you are pulled over, according to Las Vegas Traffic Tickets. Then you can compare the language in the court filing with what you hear in your recording. If there’s a contradiction, then you can win easily.

Sometimes, fighting a speeding ticket can be as simple as going to the courthouse to contest it. Sometimes, you’ll need the help of an experienced lawyer to help you get out of your case. Click here to get the best in the area. In the end, your ticket may get thrown out or will have the cost of your ticket reduced.