If you are a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to have food packaging solutions. Restaurants dealing with hundreds of takeout and delivery orders every day often face challenges in food packaging and keep looking for efficient and space-saving packaging solutions. One of the most efficient solutions to this problem is 6 x 6 hinged containers.

This blog will share some amazing facts about the 6x6 hinged container, including its features, advantages, types, and various uses in the restaurant business.

6x6 Hinged Container Guide

6x6 hinged containers are among the most commonly used packaging containers, as they provide businesses with efficient and flexible packaging and transportation solutions. Let’s take a deep dive into the different key aspects of these containers.

 Features of 6x6 Hinged Containers

There are plenty of features in 6x6 hinged containers that make them very unique for restaurant food packaging. Some of these features include:

Durable Construction

Leading food container manufacturers produce high-quality and durable hinged containers. One of the most durable materials is polypropylene (PP). PP is lightweight, cut-resistant, and creates a tight closure.

Hinged Design

A hinged design offers restaurants a simple, convenient solution. Kitchen staff do not need to store bases and lids separately, reducing the required storage space. In addition, hurried staff do not need to take time to match bases and lids of these containers when orders begin stacking up. A hinged design also allows easy access to the container’s contents for the consumer.


Another feature of hinged containers is that they are easily stackable, which helps optimize storage. In a busy kitchen, space is tight. Being able to efficiently store a stack of containers helps restaurant owners maximize productivity.

Secure Closure

6x6 PP hinged food packaging containers have secure closures. This ensures that the items packed inside are safe during transportation.

Advantages of 6x6 Hinged Containers

6x6 hinged food packaging containers offer several advantages to restaurant businesses, such as:


Hinged containers are highly versatile and have plenty of applications in the restaurant business. They can be used for packaging sandwiches, salads, desserts, burgers, and much more. These containers can hold these items without spilling or leaking ingredients. However, for soups and stews, it's best to opt for bowls or 32-ounce deli containers.

Cost Savings

Hinged containers help in space utilization, reduce storage costs, and provide durable protection. Thus, they help reduce company expenses spent on buying and maintaining packaging supplies.

Inventory Ease

Staying stocked and keeping inventory becomes much easier with hinged containers. As in the hinged containers, the lid and the tray are all one, you don’t have to worry about loosing or running out of lids.


Using a hinged container is convenient for both you and the customer. The hinged containers have attached lids, so you don’t have to fumble with a lid when securing it. Moreover, the customer can easily remove it and can also use it as tray for placing sauce or a dip.

Types of 6x6 Hinged Containers

There are several types of 6x6 hinged containers available on the market. Following are the most commonly used 6x6 hinged containers:

Vented Containers

Vented hinged containers have perforations or slots on the lid. This design feature allows steam to escape, minimizing condensation inside the package. This prevents crunchy and crispy food from becoming soggy.

Microwave-Safe Containers

PP containers can be safely reheated in a microwave, allowing your customers to conveniently reheat their meals. This eliminates the need to transfer the food to different cookware when reheating it, thus adding convenience for users.

Uses of 6x6 Hinged Containers

The 6x6 hinged containers are versatile in nature and are thus widely used in restaurant businesses. Following are a few common uses of hinged containers:

● Food Storage: Conveniently store leftover food or prep ingredients in refrigerators.

● Takeout and Delivery: Widely used in takeout and delivery orders, these containers provide a secure and leak-proof solution, ensuring food arrives at the destination intact.

● Food Display: Hinged containers with transparent bases or lids create an impactful and appealing display for grab & go menu items.

Conclusion: How Do You Utilize 6x6 Hinged Containers?

6x6 hinged containers can be a great tool to boost the efficiency and organization of your food storage. They are perfect for storing small portions of leftover food or prepping ingredients for future use. Additionally, their secure and leak-proof design makes them ideal for takeout and delivery orders, ensuring that the food arrives at its destination in perfect condition. So, what type of hinged containers do you use? Tell us in the comments.