Have you ever heard the saying “it’s the little things in life”? I have heard it many times throughout my life and have found it to be so true. Think about everything that has made a day great for you. Was it the big picture or the small one that made your day? Most of the time I bet you are going to say it was the small things that mattered the most. So, what can you do to make someone’s day great and you not even know it? That is why I am here! I am going to give you the answer and I bet you will find that you have made someone’s day great before without realizing it.

Buy a Meal 

 Have you ever been in the drive-thru and decided to buy the person's meal that is behind you for no other reason than just because? Me too! Did you know that you probably made that person's day? Especially if you are buying lunch for the person behind you because more than likely they are working and maybe they were having a horrible day but then you came along and bought them a meal. It truly is the little things.

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening 

 The simple words of good morning, afternoon, or evening really does make a huge difference. It is not like buying a meal however, it is very more personal in my opinion. Why do I think that? Well, by telling someone good morning, afternoon, or evening you are making someone feel as though they are worth something. Just by saying the words, you can make a bad day good for someone.


 You know what goes along with saying good morning, afternoon, or evening to someone? Smiling. Smiling at someone and saying the words good morning, afternoon, or evening to them really can brighten someone’s day. You never know why that person walking past you is frowning, crying, or looks to be upset. They could have just lost their grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, brother, sister, son, or daughter. They could have just lost their job. Even though they may not smile back at you I bet by smiling you brighten their world and give them a glimpse of hope. I am sure you, as I have, done this before without realizing what an impact you made on that person’s day.

Be a Good Neighbor 

 Okay, so who has not seen Mister Roger’s Neighborhood or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? I mean if you are older you have probably seen Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and if you have kids then chances are at some point you have seen Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. They are always doing nice things for their neighbor’s right? Well, what do you think would happen if you did something nice for your neighbor, especially if they are elderly? I bet if you went and cut someone’s grass without asking for money or took trash cans back to the house without expecting anything, it made that person’s day.

Give Clothes Away 

 You see so many yard sales and many people try to sell their clothes at them but really what’s the point in today’s world when you can go to stores and practically buy them brand new for what they can get them at a yard sale? So, you decided to just give them away. All you did was post it to some sort of social media site. I even bet you had little to no time involved in it. I also bet you made a poor person feel rich that day. It’s the little things!


 Okay, so this one is weird but have you been one of those moms who just produced so much milk you were able to give some away? I had that ability with my second child. I had no idea how much of an impact I was going to make on that little human's life but that baby needed breastmilk and the mother could not afford to buy it nor could she produce enough milk for her baby. Can you imagine that?

This mom was not a bum she was a hard-working mom. Her baby was sick needed the milk and she could not produce enough. I produced enough milk that I was able to give it away. I had no idea the impact I was going to make by just giving away my milk, the stuff I produce for free and all I had in it was about 10 minutes of pumping a day. If you have ever done this I can promise you that you made a mother’s day!

Asked Someone to Lunch

 If you have ever asked someone to lunch or dinner, I can almost place money that you made their day. I mean think about it, do you not want to feel included in some way, shape, or form? We all do. It is part of human nature. I can guarantee you if you have asked someone to lunch or just to hang, you have made that person’s day without even realizing it.

Play Date

 I am sure if you are a parent you have prayed at some point in time for someone to ask your child for a play date so you can get a piece of mind. However, tables turned, have you ever asked someone’s kid over for a play date? I bet you made that mom’s day. Allowing her to get out of the house kid-free just for a few hours by herself. You never know that could be exactly what that mom needed to get recharged for her family.

 Something that seems small, in the end, can be big for the other person. Never assume what you are doing is not enough. Never assume you are not appreciated or that your little gestures go unnoticed. Never assume anything because those things you consider small are big to some people and you just made someone’s day a little brighter!

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