Trakstar Tractor was founded by Pashabhai Patel in 1946. They designed a tractor according to the farmer's needs. It is an Indian tractor brand that deals with importing and selling machinery like ploughs, bulldozers, and tractors. The power required to operate a Trakstar tractor is 31 HP to 50 HP. The Trakstar tractor price in India lies between INR 4.90 lakhs* and INR 7.64 lakhs*. Its cheapest model comes under the range of INR 4.90 lakhs* - INR 5.20 lakhs*, and the expensive model comes in the range of INR 6.71 lakhs* and INR 7.64 lakhs*.

Why Farmers Prefer Trakstar Tractors?

Trakstar tractors perform heavy tasks efficiently due to high torque and backup torque.

It offers a long-term warranty of 6 years.

These tractors are made up of modern design.

These tractors provide long-lasting performance in the field due to their powerful engines.

Trakstar has a wide range of network with more than 300 dealers.

Trakstar tractors provide 10 models in India, some of them are Trakstar 536, Trakstar 540, and Trakstar 545.Etc. TractorKarvan is the best platform to know the latest updates about Trakstar Tractor. Here, With the compare tractor tool you can compare the price and specification of two tractor models.