Are you an affiliate marketer in need of useful tools for your online marketing campaign? Then, read on, and see which tools you need, to ensure a successful affiliate campaign. An affiliate marketer can be likened to a plumber or a carpenter, who has to get the right tools and have the correct knowledge to complete the job successfully.  

In the current online marketing environment, numerous tools – perhaps even thousands! - exist, all claiming to assist you to improve and optimize your online marketing campaign. So how will you know what marketing tools to include in your affiliate marketing toolbox? It all depends on your intention; whether you are optimizing landing pages, developing a multi-channel strategy, increasing email response rates or maximizing your social reach. As a consequence, there are many tools available, to the extent that their selection process can overwhelm you.

Fortunately, I have eased things up. I have compiled a list of best tools that can put some spice to your affiliate marketing campaign. I have grouped them into major categories that are easy to understand: SEO (spanners), Content creation (hammers), Link creation & tracking (screwdrivers), word press plugin (saws), and Social Media (drills) tools.

Affiliate marketing toolbox components

SEO Tools 

I refer these as spanners in our toolbox, and they entail:

Google Analytics

 This free application is the most powerful analytics application around. Several bloggers use it to check the activities happening on their website. In essence, Google analytics tell you the number of visitors to your site, where they are coming from, and what they do when they are on your site.

For those who are experts, they can run track links, split tests, track conversions, and goals to get deeper insights of how users interact.


As you are well aware, affiliate marketing is a dynamic and highly competitive area in every kind of niche. That’s why a keyword research tool like SEMrush comes in handy. It allows you to examine what your competitors are doing, what keyword they are utilizing and how their keywords perform. It is an essential SEO tool that I advise you as an affiliate marketer has to have in the toolkit. 

Majestic SEO

It’s a true SEO tool that shows the link profile of your sites and more information about sorts of keywords that are usable. It is an arsenal tool that is prominent in analyzing your competitors’ keywords and search engine research pages. 

Google Trends

 If you need information based on seasonal demand, then, this is the best tool to utilize. It offers search trends data about the current popular things to target. It also shows domains with high volume traffic, which you as an affiliate marketer can successfully invest.

Content Creation Tools

These are the hammers in the toolkit, and they entail:


It is a useful marketing and research tool for understanding the content trends in the market. With this awesome tool, you can evaluate keywords, track competitors’ content, and find most shared content over social media. In the process, you will acquire competitive intelligence to generate original shareable content. Buzzsumo has both free and paid versions, with paid version allowing for deeper marketing insights. 

Content Idea Generator

 In case you are struggling and lack content ideas, this is a gold mine to exploit. You will be required to register first, then, click through and get numerous ready-to-use topic ideas and relevant headlines. Your target audience will determine what data it will provide.

Wordpress Plugins

 These are the saws, and they include:

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

A plugin such as Yoast Seo plugin is essential in ensuring that your content is fully optimized. It allows you as an affiliate marketer to have quality content that is optimized. In any online business, knowing how to play the SEO game enables you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Mail Chimp

It is an email marketing solution that allows you to easily organize and send out relevant email newsletters to your audience. Mailchimp is a friendly email marketing tool that allows you to see the number of people who have opened and subscribed to your newsletter.

Social Media Tools

These hammers, which are essential tools. They entail:


As an affiliate, you well know that you can source important traffics from various social networks. A tool such as HootSuite permits you to manage a series of multiple social accounts, both business and your own easily. You can share posts and track replies on your social networks, like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram using Hootsuite. It is surely a convenient marketing tool.


ZootRock is a useful tool to share your content to drive traffic from social sites like Twitter, Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also allows you to share a third party’s article. Even more interesting, you can share content based on the target country.


When it comes to saving time as you use social media sites, Buffer is a helpful tool. The social-media management tool permits you to send posts to several social media accounts using a single site. What distinguishes it from other social media management tools, is its ability to schedule content for later posting. It means that you can manage your content throughout the week, to only post it at times when the traffic is high. 

Link Creation & Tracking Tools

These are the screwdrivers. They are:

Google’s URL Builder

It's a valuable tool that can generate trackable links from URLs. When you complement it with google analytics, it is useful to create trackable campaign URLs for your content, social posts, and ads. With split testing, it makes your work easier to track custom campaigns.

It’s an easy-to-use and popular link shortener in the digital sphere. If you don’t need a Url that is miles longer, this URL shortener can be helpful to you. It is also used for generating basic analytics reports and tracking links from a PDF or ebook that are clicked. 

Finally, the affiliate marketing is very competitive and challenging. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to the right tools; spanners, drills, saws, screwdrivers, and hammers. These tools in your affiliate marketing toolbox enable you to undertake your work effectively with ease.