You might ask: “Andrii, how should I move on stage? What should I do with my body? How should I gesture on stage?” I would say: “It doesn’t matter, because there is one delivery technique that is far more important than all other delivery techniques combined. If you use it, your audience members will forgive your poor gestures, they will forgive you lack of vocal variety and poor movements on stage, and still will accept your ideas. However if you do not use this delivery tool, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have on stage, if you use vocal variety or not, if you have good gestures or not, people won’t believe you and your presentation is over for them.” This delivery tool is called sincerity.

Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to speak like famous speakers or actors. Don’t create better you. Audience can sense when you pretend to be someone you are not. Most importantly is to be the same person on stage as you are off stage. World doesn’t need another Brat Pitt, Socrates or Tony Robbins, the world needs you!

Do following to be sincere on stage:

Talk from the heart

Talk with your audience as you speak with your best friend. Be genuine, sincere and positive.

Be naked about something

Reveal something about you that you didn’t tell many people. You are not ideal. You have many flaws and failures as anyone else. Share some of them. It connects with the audience and shows that you are real.

Relive your story on stage

Don’t tell a story on stage, relieve it. Recall the details of scenes in a story. What did you feel? Feel the same emotions again. Show the story like it is happening right now.

Avoid acting on stage

You are not an actor, you are a speaker. Main skill of the actor is to impersonate in a hero that he or she is playing. Your main skill as a speaker is to be yourself. When you act, it’s very visible and repellent. When you are sincere, it’s very attractive and connecting.

If you asked me “What is the most powerful technique in public speaking?” I would say “Sincerity, for sure!” Be sincere and natural on stage, be yourself. It has an amazing power.

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