Looking to buy whipped shea butter online in the UK? Oyoma beauty provides a natural shea butter, blended with aloe vera extract and jojoba oils to moisturise and protect the skin.

Whipped shea butter brings into play the benefits of natural shea butter, an anti-inflammatory, and antifungal moisturiser, that can be used universally to treat several skin conditions and is generally suited to all skin types. As well as smoothing the skin, shea butter is known for reducing dark marks, starch marks and fine lines.

Natural shea butter can be thick and heavy, so through the whipping process, the perfect natural ingredient is made lighter and blended with essential oils to lock in moisture. The result is a non-greasy cream that is light enough to be layered and used every day in any environment. It is easy to store in both cool and warm climates. Our whipped shea butter softens the skin, and is even suitable for very dry, rough, or bumpy.

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