Ron Meisels is a notable technical analyst who has recently been engaged as a consultant to provide research for the Caldwell Canada Fund, Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. Being the President of Phases & Cycles Inc., Meisels was ranked among the top three technical analysts by Canadian institutions for six consecutive years in the Brendan Wood survey.

According to Brenadan Caldwell, the president of Caldwell Investments and portfolio manager of the fund, Ron is one of Canada’s great technical analysts. The Caldwell team is excited to have him assisting their team. Moreover, they believe that Ron’s insights into stock market trends will help investors in the Caldwell Canada Fund to make money.

Caldwell Canada Fund’s investment goal of long-term capital appreciation will not change. Though decisions about sector weightings and the selection of securities will be assisted by research provided by Meisels and his team.

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Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. is trusted for providing investment management services to Canadian and international retail and institutional investors. Founded in 1990, the firm also offers services to financial institutions, public and private pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, as well as private family accounts.

Caldwell is registered as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager with the Ontario Securities Commission, the principal regulator and is also registered as a portfolio manager in other provinces where it does business. They are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Caldwell Financial Ltd, a majority employee-owned firm. Be sure to visit this page if you’re curious to find out more.

The firm originates and structures investment vehicles and provides portfolio and risk management services. These include discretionary investment management and asset allocation services. They have experts who monitor portfolios for compliance with investment mandates and regulatory compliance and provide reporting to investors and clients, including financial performance and reporting for income tax purposes.

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