On January 24, 2020, Caldwell Investment Management publicly announced that its Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund has been awarded the 2019 FundGrade A+ Award for delivering consistently strong performance with minimal volatility. According to the team, this has become the second consecutive year that the Fund has been honoured with this FundGrade Award.

A recent report says the Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund was recognized for its exceptional performance over the past year within a peer group of approximately 380 other funds in the Canadian Equity category. It’s worth noting that a key factor in the Fund’s outperformance has been its demonstrated ability to protect investor capital during periods of market decline. With respect to this, the Fund boasts a category-best downside capture ratio of 17.9% over the past five years ending December 31, 2019*.

Moreover, the Fund ranks in the top 1% of all Canadian equity mutual funds for the 5-year period, ending December 31, 2019. CEO of Caldwell Investment Management Toronto Brendan Caldwell congratulates Jennifer Radman, their lead PM on the Fund, and the rest of the Canadian Value Momentum Fund team.

“ Congratulations to Jennifer Radman, our lead PM on the Fund, and to the rest of the Canadian Value Momentum Fund team. This prestigious award recognizes the consistency of the Fund’s disciplined investment process as well as the ability and care exercised by our portfolio management team over the past year,” Brendan Caldwell said. Find out more when you explore this page.

According to the Caldwell team, the Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund employs a rigorous and repeatable investment process based on the unique combination of quantitative discovery and traditional, bottom-up fundamental analysis.

Furthermore, the Fund aims to capitalize on investment opportunities offering the most attractive risk-adjusted return potential, regardless of market capitalization and industry categorization. It also invests in a concentrated portfolio that looks vastly different from the composite index and is composed of Canadian stocks which are often overlooked or are inaccessible to larger competing funds. Eventually, the result is a portfolio containing the best attributes of both value and momentum investment styles.

More About Caldwell Investment Management Ltd.

Caldwell Investment Management Toronto is a trusted provider of investment management and advisory services to Canadian, retail and institutional investors, including financial institutions, public and private pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, and private accounts.

They are committed to growing as well as preserving your wealth. Caldwell does this by offering a personalized, customized, and flexible plan defined by their heritage of fostering deep and enduring long-term partnerships. They originate investment vehicles with a view toward predictable results.

Additionally, their portfolio and risk management services include discretionary investment management and asset allocation. Caldwell has experts who monitor portfolio compliance in accordance with investment mandates and regulatory requirements, and provide financial performance reporting to investors and clients. With their integrity and depth of experience, their people are Caldwell’s most valuable asset.

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