A majority employee-owned firm as well as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caldwell Financial Ltd., Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. offers investment management and advisory services to Canadian, retail and institutional investors, including financial institutions, public and private pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, and private accounts.

Caldwell Investment Management was built in 1990 and has since been committed to growing the wealth of their clients. They achieve this by offering a personalized, customized, and flexible plan defined by their heritage of fostering deep and enduring long-term partnerships. They originate investment vehicles with a view toward predictable results.

The team invests on behalf of pensions, charities, foundations, insurance companies, government agencies and municipalities, but their investment philosophy grew out of their long experience with managing the investments of private clients. Furthermore, they believe that this experience has taught them that their primary focus must be to first reduce their clients’ risk and then seek to maximize their clients’ returns.

For Caldwell Investment Management Toronto to achieve this, they invest on behalf of their clients in government bonds and the shares of large, well-known corporations. In addition, the firm buys shares in these companies when they perceive that their prices represent good value in light of the firm’s overall economic view, the fundamentals of each company, and their confidence in corporate management.

Read About Thomas S. Caldwell

  Mr. Thomas S. Caldwell built Caldwell Investments in 1990. Mr. Caldwell has been actively involved in the investment industry since graduating from McGill University in 1965. He is Chairman of Caldwell Financial Ltd., a diversified investment company with subsidiary organizations providing investment management, brokerage and insurance services to a broad spectrum of investors throughout North America and around the world. In 2014, Mr. Caldwell was inducted into the IIAC Investment Industry Hall of Fame.

Mr. Caldwell manages the investment pools he is responsible for on a value/strategic overview basis. Caldwell Financial Ltd., and its affiliated companies and investment pools, were the second-largest owners of the New York Stock Exchange prior to the NYSE’s demutualization.Read more about the firm’s achievements and goals when you visit their website.

Through the decades, Mr. Caldwell has been actively involved in addressing social and community needs. He was awarded Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for his activities on behalf of Canadian Veterans. In 2003 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada for his work in assisting those in need as well as contributing to institutions working to better the lives of others. In 2012, he received Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged.

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