Why Hire Certified Transcription for Transcribing & Captioning your Video?

Have you stumbled across a video or more having captions? Ever wondered, why do they do so? Here, in this article, we’ll be enlisting top reasons why your video needs to be transcribed and captioned to reach a broad audience base, and gain more engagement. So, without any further delays, let’s dive in.

For People With Hearing Difficulties

You simply can’t ignore people who are having hearing impairment or any hearing difficulty. They can be your prospective audience. As per the latest data, there are over 70 deaf people worldwide. So, the transcription of the video and caption allows them to access all the information you are communicating through the video. Also, laws in some states require you to add captions and offer a transcription of the video with respect to the people with hiring troubles. To be in safer hands, it is a no-brainer to caption your video. For this, you need a certified transcription services company as they have the expertise to carefully listen to long videos and audios to convert them to text.

 Improves SEO

Yes, you heard it right by having your video captioned by a certified transcription services toronto you can certainly improve your video’s organic rankings. How? The transcribed video not only has the title, but the entire text with keywords well spread, which lets it rank better on SERP results. So, it’s a simple win-win situation, you get to reach a wider audience, and your video will rank well organically.

No Audio

There are often times when your prospective view can’t put on their noise cancellation headphones and listen to your video. They may be getting back home in a metro or in any other public place, in such a scenario, if your video has a caption, they’ll definitely watch it mute, and read the caption. Only one thing you’ve to ensure is that you contract a certified transcription agency for transcribing your video.

Reusing Your Video Content

Another benefit associated with transcribing your video is that you can reuse the content as a blog, article, or even a whitepaper if the video is long. By doing so you can drive relevant traffic to your site. Also, you can share the content on various social channels, right from Facebook, Twitter to Linkedin. This is indeed a big boost for the online presence of your business.

Apart from transcribing your video, there are several other reasons; you may need to contact a Legal Transcription Services Toronto, maybe for recording the court’s proceeding. Even there are Certified court transcription experts that are meant for transcribing videos and audios meant for legal purposes. What the assignment is, you need the right professional, with the right skills and experience to get the job done.