I'm on my way to work
~20:00 Reception
If you contact us by 20:00, you can play until 23:30.
Please feel free to contact us
It's late, but everyone who came yesterday
Long time no see at 20:00
Long time no see
I'm glad you're doing well
It was fun to be blamed a lot for bringing a lot of tools~
I was excited because I was playing things that I don't usually do and using tools that I've never used before.
Does being blindfolded sharpen your senses?
felt good
I'm happy that you're satisfied with "I was able to do everything I wanted to do"
Bring some more and have some fun
let's play again next time
Nice to meet you
Thank you for choosing me from among the many girls.
It was a fun time to talk about various things
Thank you for the delicious sweets and drinks.
I'm glad that you came to see me on your precious day off.
Have a nice and fun day
come again everyone
thank you very much
Shift in late October.
See you today
thank you.
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