For as long as people can remember, Magic has fascinated the public. Whether its illusions, card tricks, or sawing people in half, everyone loves a good magic trick. Now, don’t get me wrong, not everyone loves the whole top hat and cape thing, but it’s freaking awesome to have your mind blown by someone who knows what they’re doing.  

 In fact, magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Penn & Teller are huge names in the magician’s circle right now. But there are tons of famous magicians that have intrigued their audiences throughout the course of history, such as Doug Henning, Paul Daniels, John Nevil Maskelyne, Harry Blackstone, and the infamous Harry Houdini.

But how do we learn the art of magic? Well, the answer is…practice. I’ve done some research and found some really cool tricks that you can learn to impress your friends. The best part is that they are all really simple.

1. The disappearing card trick

Here’s what you do. You lay six cards in 2 rows of 3 on the table in front of your volunteer (King of spades, King of hearts, queen of diamonds, queen of clubs, jack of diamonds, and jack of clubs). Then have your volunteer pick a card and don’t tell you what it is and you will make it disappear. Then, pick the cards up, and place five cards in front of the volunteer. Except these five cards will be King of diamonds, king of clubs, queen of hearts, queen of spades, and jack of hearts. All of the original cards are switched with the second set, so the card that person picked has “mysteriously” vanished. This one takes practice because you have to use a slight of hand movement to switch the first and second set of cards. My suggestion is to place the first set on the bottom of the deck while you distract the volunteer and then have the second set waiting patiently on the top.

2. Levitation

This one is super simple. Have your audience stand at a 45 degree angle from your back to your left. Then hold both arms out by your sides and slowly lift your body up by going up on your tippy toes of your right foot.

3. Making someone change their mind and predicting their card

This one is pretty cool and it’s SUPER simple! First you are going to need two decks of cards and some double sided clear tape. Well, actually, just one deck and one card from another deck. So, first, take every card out of one deck and write “NO” on the back of all of them in permanent marker. Then set that deck aside because you won’t need it until you perform the trick. Then, take out the second deck and find the Queen of spades. Writ the word “Yes” on the back of it. Now place a strip of double sided clear tape on the face of the Queen card running right down the center. The tape should ONLY be on the front. Now, you are ready for the trick. With the Extra Queen sitting on top and the original Queen with “No” written on the back as the second card, fan out your cards trying not to show the second queen. Then have your volunteer pick a card. Then tell them to change their mind and pick another card. Then, have them change their mind once more and pick another card. Once they pick that card, you grab it out of the deck and place it on top of the Queen which has double sided tape stuck to it. Make sure to grab the deck tightly in the center as you explain that you knew they would pick that card all along. When they ask you to prove that you knew it all along (or offer to prove it), flip the card over (which would have the Queen stuck to it) revealing the word “YES” written on the back. Then place that card in your pocket and show further proof but flipping over every other card in your deck that has the word “No” written on the back. People will genuinely believe that you have read their mind even before they made it up even though they are literally just picking a random card!

4. Reading minds

This one is super simple to set up, but takes some practice to perfect. You will need a book and a single card. What you will do is you will have your volunteer flip through the book to any page they choose. Doesn’t matter which page. Then, have them either memorize the page number or the last word on the page (do both if you’re feeling ambitious). Then, have them place that card in the book as a book mark. Once they have it marked, you take the book and flip through the pages showing them and anyone else watching that they literally could have picked any page in the book. While you flip through the pages, there will be a longer gap of time when you get to the bookmark (you want to make it as seamless as possible). Use that time to inconspicuously glance at the page number or the last word (or both) and then set the book in front of them. When you tell them the page number, last word, or both, they will be impressed with the level of magic you’ve learned outside of Hogwarts.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if these interest you and you want to learn more, there are tons of resources on the internet. I’ve found videos, websites, anything you can think of to show me how to do certain tricks. And, hey, who knows, maybe you will be super ambitious after learning all the tricks out there that you want to invent your own. But, even if you just want to stick to these super simple impressive tricks to impress your friends, that’s cool too.