Is a child born with high or low self-esteem? It can be very depressing for a parent to know that their children do not tap their potential because of low self-esteem. External and internal factors play a significant role in determining your child’s self-esteem. One thing we should know that self-esteem is built from your child’s early life to teenage and later adulthood. The statistic shows that girls are more affected by low self-esteem than boys. This now brings the major concern which is dealing with a teenage daughter with low self-esteem. How do you restore her confidence when they think they are not good enough? How do you tell her a compliment without her doubting it?

Image Acceptance  

Your teenage daughter will probably spend more time on the mirror than any other period of her life. She will be more concerned with her physical appearance and people’s opinion about her. The first test of self-esteem to your teenage girl comes when she is breaking out from the ‘kid’s shell.' Her body starts to develop, and soon she starts to experience her menstrual cycle. The changes may be overwhelming for your daughter, and soon she withdraws from the outside world because they do not know what to do. Some parents deal with this stage of growth and boost their children’s self-esteem without even knowing.

The media has its definition of a ‘beautiful’ woman. Your daughter is likely to use what they see on media to compare with themselves. This is one of the major self-esteem killers. There are few things you can do if physical appearance is the cause of your daughter’s self-esteem.

First, try and figure out their perception of beautiful. She may have extra pounds than what she wants, and that is the cause. There are other factors that we cannot change, and this is the most painful aspect that any parent will have to face. For example, your child has a physical disability, and they blame themselves or you for it. Therapy is a good place to start to reboot your child’s self-esteem. However, as a parent, you have a great role to play to enhance your baby’s confidence. Teach your child how to accept themselves and love themselves for who they are. Love them and compliment them each time about how good they look.

Do not protect her from reality but show them both sides of what there is to see. The media plays a major role on self-esteem based on physical appearance. Teach them to filter what is real from what is not. Successful celebrities that have the same physical challenge as your child can play a significant role in restoring confidence to your daughter.

Traumatic Event

The world is a cold place, and there are some who face this fact harder than others. Some events in your daughter’s life may have caused a major dent on their self-esteem. For example, your child may not cope very well with divorce. She blames herself for it, and most of the time they look at their peers with both parents and view themselves as less. Explain to your child why some things happen. Reassure them that it is not their fault. When the traumatic event is fatal, it may require professional assistance.

Problem to Fit-In

The sense of belonging is one of self-esteem boosters for any human being. Your teenager may have a challenge fitting in with their peers. They may be picked on because of their appearance, social status or even religion. To restore your child’s confidence may require more than just sweet words. First, you have to teach your children to appreciate diversity and unique nature of every person. Show them the good side of them being different from others. The more they understand their difference, the easier it will be for them to be confident. Confident children try less to fit in and more of being themselves. This directly attracts people whom they share personality and perceptions.

Sensitivity on Their Insecurity

Dealing with a teenage daughter with low self-esteem may sometimes be challenging. The girl is more sensitive and emotional to details than boys. If your daughter suffers from drained self-worth, then you may consider determining the cause. These causes are triggers to their low confidence and lack of self-esteem. Word can build and also destroy, and when you want to criticize your daughter for making a mistake, then you may consider taking a different approach. Criticizing their insecurities may cause more damage to their self-esteem. Build their confidence to overcome their insecurities. You may not criticize their insecurities, but that does not mean that their friends or peers won’t.

Be a Friend More Than a Parent

Friends listen more and parents demand more. That is why your daughter will tell her friend what she is going through and not you. Let your daughter know that they can confide in you on any matter and you will listen to them without being judgmental and pissed. Confidence is built block after block and knowing a problem before it will help you to bring up her confidence and self-esteem.

Treat Her in A Special Way

Your daughter is different from other kids that you probably know. You may have been the lead girl in your cheerleading squad back in high school. That does not mean that your daughter has to compete with that. One of the best ways of dealing with a teenage daughter with low self-esteem is by making our expectations realistic. When we have very high expectation that they cannot meet it becomes a problem. The problem starts with them thinking they are not good enough for you. You want to boost their confidence set expectations that they can achieve.

Show Her That She Is a Priority

We all want to work and provide the best for our kids. But what if our work and absence shatter our kids’ confidence and self-esteem will it still matter? Knowing that you mean something to someone is enough to boost your self-worth. Be that person that your daughter knows she means the world too. That way when others pick on her or isolate her your love for her and her thoughts on how much she means to you will be her anchor. Be the reason why when she thinks of giving up she can’t because she has you.

We are the major players of building our children self-esteem and confidence as they grow. The things we say about hem translates to how they view themselves. Individual events may dent our children’s self-worth. But there are circumstances that we would not have to deal with a teenage daughter with low self-esteem if we did not contribute in tearing their confidence.