I will go to work today
13:00-21:00 Reception
If you contact us by 21:00, you can play until 23:30.
Please feel free to contact us
though being late
22nd (Sat)
23rd (Sun)
24th (Mon)
everyone who came
good friends at 5pm
thank you every week
It's fun to be able to talk about various things this time, and the time passes quickly every time.
Finally, thank you for fixing the fittings of the shoes.
I was surprised that he even had pliers! But when the unforeseen happens, it's the most reliable!
I looked for it after I got home, and there were pliers at home too!
I don't know when I bought it lol
Thank you for always gently
I'm waiting for you again on Saturday
Friend at 13:00
Long time no see
I'm glad you're doing well
nice to see you again
Thank you
Has it been 7 years since we first met?
I am very happy that you come to see me regularly.
I haven't changed much though lol
Thank you for letting me cum a lot
Thanks to you, I was able to return from being a libido monster to a human!
Play again when you have the time
If you have a recommended spa, let me know~
Long time no see at 18:00
thank you for coming again
happy to see you after a long time
Last time I said I was smarter and did a weird quiz, but in the end my smarts haven't improved lol
Thank you for the relaxing time
It was too much fun talking and having sex while rummaging
Round 3... Next time definitely! Yes!
Thank you for your time.
Play again if you have the time
Friend at 13:00
thank you for always
Because I feel a lot, I feel guilty every time!
I'm really happy if you can lick it a lot and feel good
As for the skirt in that example...
I forgot to bring it home lol
If I don't bring it home today, I might not be able to get rid of the smell.
It's dangerous
I have to do my best for the washing machine and detergent...
The mouth of the paper bag is taped, so I don't think the smell will leak out!
I noticed after getting on the train
I have to laugh
let's play again next time
Friend at 20:00
thank you for always
Thank you for the fun time laughing and laughing every time
It was a lot of fun this time too
3P was disappointing
But it's great that you don't wake up and work properly lol
I can't laugh when it's reported on TV or internet news
Next time, wear a false beard and become a dandy and appear in "Kunnichiha"!
You might get wet and get 1.5 times more erotic than usual!
nice to meet you
let's play again next time
Nice to meet you
Thank you for choosing me from among the many girls.
It was a fun time to talk about various things
Thank you for the delicious sweets and drinks.
I'm also happy that you came to see me on your precious vacation.
Have a nice and fun day
come again everyone
thank you very much
Shift in late October.

On the 27th, I will go to work from 15:00.
See you today
thank you.
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