Today (Saturday)
everyone who came
Friend at 13:00
Long time no see
thank you for playing today
It was a lot of fun, and the relaxing time afterwards was fun~
Good luck with your muscle training
I will do my best to be able to go upside down by the end of this year
Oh, but don't hurt yourself!
Play again if you have the time
Good friends at 14:30
thank you for playing again
The last story was shocking, but this time it's going to be a lot of trouble with the overnight event...
When I was a student, I didn't have such a child, and I think that it's the present age (even if I do, I don't show it).
Thank you
Isn't it painful? It's kind of you to take care of me
It's okay, so please do more next time
I think it's hard work, but do your best
let's play again next time
Friend at 20:00
thank you every week
Thank you for coming over after work today.
Thank you for the delicious sweets
You said you like matcha, so you bought it for me, right?
Especially the financier was too delicious
Drinks are also condensed milk Calpis delicious
Thank you for always gently
relaxing and happy~
I'll be waiting for you next week
Nice to meet you
Thank you for choosing me from among the many girls.
It was a fun time to talk about various things
Thank you for the delicious sweets and drinks.
Thank you for reading my photo diary
Have a nice and fun day
come again everyone
thank you very much
next time
16th (Sun)
13:00-20:00 Reception
I will go to work at
We are waiting for your inquiry and reservation.
October shift.

I would be happy if you could understand

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