Today (Friday)
everyone who came
Friend at 13:00
It's been a while
I'm glad you're fine
Thank you for the good time as always
It's been years since I've been going, but is it the first time I've ever had that?
it was so fresh
Also, I was surprised that you played the GameCube version of Animal Crossing!
I'm not as motivated as I was then, but if the Switch breaks, I'll be in trouble, so I'll just charge it!
The Switch was on top of the trash after all lol
I wonder if I'll make a nice island like that Instagram...
Is it impossible because I'm tired...
let's play again next time
Friend at 6pm
thank you for playing
It's been a while, but it's still sensitive and I enjoyed licking it a lot.
The story of the futon and the story of the slippers were shocking!
It's true that slippers are one-size-fits-all, so it's impossible.
After all, being average is important.
It felt good, I was able to play in the second round, the conversation was fun, and I was very satisfied!
Thank you
let's play again next time
Good friends at 20:30
thank you for playing again
It feels good to take it slow after putting it in
Somehow since yesterday, I've become a sex monster, so it feels great
I'm glad that you said that my blame feels good too
my weird proclivities? thank you for listening and laughing
Karin is my goddess
Also Momo-chan
I want to flirt with a cute girl like Momo-chan lol
Karin-sama, if you have the chance, watch the sample videos on FANZA lol
Thank you
let's play again next time
next time
22nd (Sat)
13:00-20:00 Reception
I will go to work at
We are waiting for your inquiry and reservation.
October shift.
I would be happy if you could understand
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