Mr. V Nagaraju formed Rudraja Engineers & Consultants, which specializes in PCL automation, design instrumentation training, Intools training, and project execution. With more than 15 years of expertise, their goal is to offer consumers trustworthy, top-notch services, such as3 engineering and commissioning for esteemed customers.

Design instrumentation Training.

A good design instrumentation training program covers basic concepts, technologies, and applications such as sensor types, signal conditioning, data collection, control systems, and troubleshooting. It should blend theory with hands-on instruction. It is essential to make sure individuals have lots of chances to work with real instrumentation hardware and software in a dedicated lab environment.

Intools training

Intools training is a software package that helps to automate instrumentation and manage engineering processes. Professionals in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and process automation must know intools. Important topics including project management, loop design, documentation production, and interaction with other engineering tools are covered in the training program. Through this training, individuals are taught how to design, set, troubleshoot, and improve process performance in complex control systems, as well as maintain regulatory compliance, through practical exercises and real-world case studies.

PLC automation

Modern industrial control systems are built on PLC automation, which makes it possible to precisely and effectively handle production and process commands. It is based on a programmable logic controller, a tough computer that keeps an eye on inputs, runs control programs, and triggers outputs to manage valves, motors, and other machinery. PLCs are built to tolerate vibration, severe temperatures, electromagnetic interference, and hostile environments with reliable operation.

Smart plant instrumentation training

Individuals who learn about smart plant instrumentation training are taught how to develop, install, and maintain cutting-edge instrumentation and control systems for contemporary industrial facilities. Including IoT, cloud computing, and data analytics into conventional process control designs, improves the sustainability, dependability, and efficiency of plant operations. Additionally, the training places a strong emphasis on practical experience setting up, adjusting, and debugging SCADA platforms, control systems, and intelligent field devices.


Rudraja has been in the engineering and consultant business for many years now, and they have become an expert at providing the best services to their customers. They can provide CAD conversions, electrical and instrumentation works, and design projects at reduced prices. Their automation staff is from India, who are qualified and competent for commissioning, logic writing, servicing, and support on Allen Bradley PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, and MOTION worldwide.