The field service management industry is growing and expected to rise exponentially due to the enhancement of technology in this sector. That’s why companies feel the increasing demand for real-time software or mobile solutions for field workers so that they can accomplish their tasks without any delay or interruption and communicate effectively with dispatchers or managers, even on the go.

There is no doubt that field service management software is becoming quite popular among field technicians and their managers. Field service management software enables clients to automate the service workflow process, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. It helps field service representatives, office staff, and call center executives to manage work orders, job assignments, customer details, and keep service logs.

Must-have Features in Field Service Management Software

1. Easy Scheduling Option

Your customers demand that you deliver the products and services they pay you for and you need your employees to make this happen. That’s why your employees must stick to the schedule that has been set, but you also need some data to help you make decisions when handing out tasks. For example, you need to know where your employees are, what they’re working on, and what’s the current status of the project/job. By keeping track of your employees in the field in real-time, you can easily and smartly distribute work orders and manage task distribution.

Choose a field service management software that allows you to see the location of your employee, allows you to schedule and dispatch jobs, can track hours, and is available for download on a mobile phone.

2. Communication System

When you are in constant contact with your employees, without causing productivity loss, you are able to keep your customers in the loop effortlessly and efficiently. The last thing you and your employees need is to bombard one another with endless work phone calls.

Choose a field service management software that has communication features built-in, such as private and group chat, discussion boards, and an in-app directory. Additionally, you should be able to monitor who has read your message, so you can send a push notification to those who didn’t; this way, you can be sure everyone is aligned across the board.

3. Safety and Security System

By this, we don’t just mean the control you have over the field service management software or if it’s secure enough for your company – we are also talking about your employees. Working in field service management comes with its own risks and liabilities. Your workers must be protected at all times, so you need to be in constant contact with one another, and there must be procedures in place to handle emergencies.

With field service management mobile software, everything is available at your employee’s fingertips, for instance, a directory so they know who to call during specific emergencies or incidents. They can fill out incident report forms or hazard alerts before they turn into a physical incident. There is a library with all the procedures and protocols listed so employees can always refer to the material when necessary. You can send updated material or quizzes to sharpen your employee’s knowledge and skills.

4. Mobile-friendly Application

Yes, the field service management software should be easy to use on any smart device, from anywhere, no matter how tech-savvy someone is or isn’t. Your employees should be able to use the field service management software through a mobile application, on a daily basis, without disruption.

5. Cost-Effective

You must choose a field service management software that is cost-effective and is worth the price you pay. Consider if the software is scalable going forward and if it will cost you anything additional if you want to modify or add features.

With all of the field service management software solutions in the market, how do you know which one is best for your business? Averiware field service management software includes all the features mentioned above. Get in touch today for a free demo!