Most business owners face a common question when they want to develop a chatbot for their IT company, startup or enterprise, and that question is—how to choose the best chatbot developer.

As these companies do not have experience in the chatbot development field, selecting the right partner from the many companies offering this service can be very challenging. Of course, all the companies in the market do not deliver the same levels of quality. What is also important to look at is which chatbot development company will understand and thoroughly take into account your specific requirements.

Other criteria to consider are:

  • Years of experience
  • How experienced is the chatbot team
  • Technical experience
  • Whether or not there is an NDA agreement

Top three chatbot development companies in India:

Rattle Tech

Rattle Tech offers differentiated chatbot development services for building bots completely tailored and customized for your business. We utilize the latest systems and technologies to build chatbots that truly generate engagement and offer satisfaction among customers.

Chatbot development services offered by Rattle Tech:

  • Microsoft Chatbot
  • Dialogflow
  • Facebook Bot
  • Amazon Lex

With the Rattle Tech team and your team working together, you can develop enterprise-level bots that let you maintain control over crucial data and processes. We can help you achieve your goals for both your customers and your organization. We can help you quickly connect your bots across multiple channels and devices.

Below are some of the chatbots Rattle Tech has expertise in:

  • IT support bots
  • School and university support bots
  • City, water districts, and local government support bots
  • E-commerce bots
  • Healthcare bots


PixelCrayons offers a quality chatbot development service to streamline your business interactions. The company has expert chatbot developers skilled in building chatbots and voice bots with various frameworks such as Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot, etc.

Hidden Brains

This company has a team of chatbot developers to build chatbots with the aim of revolutionizing the way businesses interact with consumers and offer interactive experiences.

If you are looking for an economical chatbot development service, and chatbots that have a humanistic, realistic feel, Rattle Tech is perfect for your business needs! Whether you are looking to build your own chatbots, conversation bots, online chatbots, text bots or messaging bots, we provide services tailored to meet your needs.