Friends can break your heart too, really can they? Of course they can! Remember we are only human. Basically your best friend is someone`s crush, enemy, son/daughter and the list goes on and on, so just because you love your bff does not really mean they`re a good person or if you hate someone that does not mean he`s a bad person, makes sense? 

My best friend now, been more than 10 years, we weren`t always this chum, we started off at the wrong foot, wanna know what happened? Well along with few other `best friends` back then I used to harass my best friend now, and call her a prostitute. Yep, it was that bad but what happened in the end surprised me, those so called best friends ditched me while that one girl whose life I made miserable, she forgave me and now nothing can tear us apart.

2 lessons learnt 

  • Do not get involved in other people`s mess, best friend or family no matter what or who. Be informed about the entire scenario only then be a part of it. Not my circus not my monkeys.
  • People can never be trusted, well majority of them can`t so you really don`t know a person behind the screen can be the one for you instead of the husband who`s giving you everything yet cheating on you.

It`s big bad world, I wish I could sing I`m a bad bad girl who don`t give a damn I`m gonna rock your world with a gun in my hand to all those `best friends` who claimed to me there for me but left me! You son of a guns, karma`s gonna hit you so bad.

So I`m sure by now you wanna know how, I`ll tell you how by sharing my life experiences with all those lovely best friends cause trust me these vultures (I`ll call them that cause they deserve it) have broken my heart more than a guy ever has.

These snakes slime in your life, become an important part of your life. Beware of such people who out of nowhere come, be all good to you, oh we are #BFFgoals, get to know all your deepest darkest secrets and then bam! The next day you`re talk of the town. Basically your best friend kind of got you all naked in front of other people so after this what happens? You let it go or you plot revenge.

Fight between two best friends is the best fight! Since both have dirt on eachother, the audience gets loads and loads of gossip, drama, to keep themselves entertained.

 While there are some sweet talkers, aware of all your weakness, and when the time comes their mask falls. Oh darling I didn`t know you were into him, if I knew I wouldn`t be dating him. You two faced bitch, you saw me crushing over him for months, volunteered to help me and now you`re sitting on his face, wtf.

Honestly the word best friend is being used wrongly, same way as the word love. Anyone who we hang out with daily becomes our best friend without any connection, just cause we hang out daily we become hackle & jackle, the inseparable best friends. No, every person we talk to is NOT our friend the same way if we hang out frequently does not mean we have to become best buddies. Know the difference between people you know, hello hi fellows, friends, good friends, close friends, best friends, be well aware of in which category do the people fall.

Also public service message: STOP throwing the words love and best friend like a whore throws herself over clients! They mean something so kindly don’t abuse such pure words!

Once a classmate of mine said At times you even gotta make an arse your king, depends on what the situation demands. At times your best friend might be jealous of you, a competition in his head regarding which you`re clueless. May be you`re being used, you got money you pay for him, the day you stop his agenda goes down the drain. Girls hoover over you, your bf can`t score a lady thus you come to the rescue, being your sidekick helps him in ways you don`t know, once you stop supporting his plan he shows his real colours. Possible? Of course!

Two girls in my office, best of friends. Friend A went on a vacation, friend B in order to socialise began back biting and revealing her secrets.

The conversation with me follows

Her- Your brown hair really compliment your skin

Me- Thanks

Her- Well I said this to A but she wouldn`t agree. This is your real hair color, right?

Me- Yeah

Her- I TOLD HER! But she was too keen over the fact that you got a hair dye, as you`re aging and your hair are going grey.


Me and my best friend sit and judge people, we pass comments, everyone does! But that does not mean others need to know. Also acknowledge that B & I have never interacted as such before just a formal hello hi. Once A was back she found out, after that everyday at office was a new hell lose, since both just kept throwing dirt at one other while the rest of us saw the best friends turn in to enemies.

How best friends become enemies? It`s simple, they put their personal motive above all.

The bible says- Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.

You`re judged by your company, also if you forgive that`s a big deal but if you go for revenge then you`re no better than that back stabbing bestfriend.

Keep your friends close and enemies closer? haha! No, atleast enemies have the courage to let you know about their intention whereas friends, you never know which one of your friend is an enemy in disguise.

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