Internet of things is increasingly becoming a big thing in the innovative industry. Just imagine in the morning, an alarm clock informs a toaster and coffeemaker to prepare a toast and coffee when one wakes up. Another scenario could be that traffic signals messages, maybe, on a vehicle breakdown on the usual route are sent to your car so that you find another route to your office and avoid being late at work. Such things may be imaginary, but through the current technological advancement, it could soon be a reality! 

What is internet-of-things? 

   IoT simply implies the connection of various digital devices through the internet to accomplish a certain purpose. Devices can be anything like headphones, wearable devices, lamps, washing machines, coffee makers, or cell phones. It can also be interconnectedness between components of a particular machine like the controller and jet engine, car carburetor, and engine. 

How it works

IoT involves an environment where smart small hosting devices are Always, Anytime and Anywhere connected with each other. All interconnected web-enabled devices collect, act on data and send in the surrounding environment using processors, communication hardware and embedded sensors. Such smart devices can interact and communicate with other related devices or even act together with each other to process the information that they receive.

Things refer to small devices in this buzzword, and that environment entails three ingredient Device, Network and Application (DNA) for it to work efficiently.

What are the kinds of technologies unfolding in the business scene?

1. WebRTC

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is set to be the next big thing in the business environment soon. It is a technology that embeds communications through directly affecting the communication rate in effect enhancing the efficiency rate. Such as technology is appropriate and is set to stay for long as it increases the productivity in the work environment and at the end making life easier.

2. Big data and machine learning

Big Data and machine learning are the most impactful business technologies at this time. Compared to technologies such as autonomous cars or 3D printing, its algorithms makes it complex to visualize. Its algorithm allows it to handle vast information volumes that are either enhances better consumer-centric services or empowers the efficiency of B2B businesses. It’s expected to shape the way businesses share and interact continually.

3. Driverless cars

The term “driverless” is a new buzzword that is exciting most people in the technology arena. The idea is set to change the world to be more safe and productive when it shifts our daily travel. Since more people drive to work daily, they tend to be exhausted due to the frequent jams. If such people are not engaged in driving, then, they will be more productive in the workplace. Driverless cars allow for multitasking, like creating documents, editing or making phone calls, be carried out even in the course of commuting to work. It interestingly gives you an office working experience with minimal risk of getting into an accident while conducting such duties.

  4. 3D printing  

It will be easier to build prototype products with 3D printing thus, saving a lot of money and time that physical research and development would have taken. It is likely to make several businesses cost-effective and more streamlined as a lot of costs will be reduced during the manufacturing process. It will make customizing various products to satisfy the customer’s current needs even easier.

5. Onboarding bots

The level of attention that businesses take in onboarding experience will be similar to other things. Hiring a new onboarding experience will be important as the recruiting process itself. Many admired companies normally stock onboard employees, so such a bot will make onboarding much more consuming and delivering.

6. ToT e-Commerce

Consumers will have the comfortability of making buying decisions quickly through IoT as electronic items become more and more connected. Just imagine if you can order a missing item for your refrigerator at your refrigerator panel. Amazon through its Dash Button application is trying to capitalize on such scenarios. Several tasks, such as supplies and staple purchasing will become automated as lives become interconnected thus allowing time to focus on important things like family bonding and businesses.

7. Voice UI

Voice UI is anticipated to become more trusted and appreciated in the communal business environment. Voice interactions potential has been enhanced through Amazon’s Alexa in a way that smoothly works. It won’t take much time for such kinds of voice interactions to creep into our lives and become our normal habits. It enables people to start conference calls, purchase lunch for the team, order supplies, and much more. The social aspect of voice that this technology present enhances and changes the business working environment.

8. Data-driven decision making

It is not a fiction that emerging technologies are greatly changing the way people conduct businesses. More quality decisions will be made as more data becomes available. Detrimentally, the vast amount of information that is available is meaningfully formatted to give useful ideas. More and more information is being generated as retailers are shifting towards advertising their products online

9. Augmented Reality

 Imagine a scenario where you can swim with dolphins side by side or test drive a car just from the comfort of your home. You might feel like you have been immersed in the ocean or hear the sound of the engine but the fact is that this is only augmented reality. New and innovative ways purchasing and selling products are impacting how businesses operate through augmented reality.

10. Virtual assistants

The means through which products and services are sought for are being changed through Virtual assistants such as Google Now, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. People are shifting from utilizing the desktop search engine to using mobile devices VAs. Instead of marketers focusing on audiences that are surfing the web through their desktop computers, new ways to advertise and the market will be generated.

Most people aren’t able to comprehend how IoT will change the entire lifestyles of people for the better. There will be “smart” cities, “smart” cars, or even“smart” industries making our daily routines to be centralized on being smart. Fewer decisions will be made by people as most of them will be transferred to devices. If this scenario doesn’t scare you, it will excite you but whichever the case continue being glued to Internet of Things (IoT) and watch how it unfolds.