In this post, we try to explain the major differences between Blogool and Facebook. Although you can express your thoughts in both places, Blogool doesn’t compete with Facebook and there are several major differences. 

Spread and longevity 

On Facebook your posts usually are seen by just a limited amount of friends who you are connected with, and the lifetime of a post is about 24 hours, which means that after 1 day most people won’t be reading your post and will be recommended new content. When you don’t get many readers for a post, you often don’t put much effort into writing it and as a result most posts on Facebook are really short.

On Blogool after you post an article all your subscribers immediately see your post. After that your post will be shown to website visitors who have read articles similar to yours and will be promoted through various media outside of Blogool. The lifetime of your blog post is forever, which means that even after 5 years people will be reading your post and leaving comments under it.


Just scroll through many Facebook posts and you will see that in most cases people just write a single line of text and sometimes accompany it with a single picture. On Blogool however you have your own blog where you can write posts that are longer. You can share your thoughts about any topic and accompany your post with as many videos and pictures as you want.


On Facebook you are recommended to read some posts of friends that are selected by a special algorithm. On Blogool on the first page you can see posts of friends and interesting people to whom you are subscribed and recommended posts of other bloggers based on your previous reading history. We analyze all articles that you have read in the past and recommend posts that are most often read after posts that you liked. In this sense Blogool is more like YouTube than Facebook. Blogool allows you to see all bloggers that you are following and to discover new, interesting similar bloggers on the first page.

Blogool isn’t competing with Facebook

Comparing Facebook to Blogool is the same thing as comparing apples and oranges – those are just two different things. If you write posts on Facebook, Blogool can complement your Facebook experience. Whenever you want to write a long post, write it on Blogool and share it with your friends on Facebook. In this way you will get many more readers for your post.

The ultimate goal of Blogool is to let everybody have a personal blog and gain as many interested readers as possible. Also we allow you to find blogs of interesting people and friends and follow them from a single page.