Lakeview Village is bringing an ambitious new master-planned community to Mississauga's waterfront. It combines the conveniences of urban living with an abundance of green space and nature access. This intelligent design balances density with environmental preservation.

Expansive Public Green Spaces

Lakeview Village's plan places major emphasis on usable public parklands. There are trails provided throughout the community. Pathways meander through lush parks, gardens, and tree-lined residential corridors. Residents enjoy endless access to outdoor recreation and waterfront nature. They don’t need to leave the neighborhood.

Waterfront Connectivity & Restoration

Lakeview Village's prime Lake Ontario shoreline location elevates its nature lifestyle. The plan prioritizes opening access to previously industrial waterfront lands with over 1 km of public waterfront trails and beaches. There are significant wetland and coastal habitat restoration efforts planned. New waterfront parks and plaza spaces will line the shore.

The plan includes no unsightly industrial lots. Lakeview Village Condos places its waterfront as a focal community anchor. Residents can easily connect with Mississauga's vast existing Waterfront Trail networks.

Environmental Sustainability Vision

Beyond public green space allocations, Lakeview Village incorporates numerous environmental directives:

  • Preserving 36 acres of existing natural areas on-site
  • Expanding shoreline wetlands and wildlife habitat areas
  • Increasing overall tree canopy coverage across the community
  • Exploring solar power and eco-friendly design elements

Lakeview Village strives to develop dense urban housing. It is maintaining and even enhancing natural surroundings. It's a model for sustainable next-generation communities.

Modern Amenity-Packed Housing

Complementing the natural elements, residents also receive mixed-use residential, retail, office, & commercial spaces. Trendy high-rise, mid-rise, and townhouse living options are on offer. Pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and public transit access make it walkable. It is a connected community. Coming soon are new schools, community centres, and outdoor plazas.

It's the ultimate urban/suburban hybrid. All the big-city conveniences and amenities blended with breathtaking nature just outside your door. Lakeview Village delivers a truly balanced lifestyle for Nature lovers.