I’ve been through a lot when it comes to sports. And I’m not talking about the things you see on the TV nowadays, nothing like that. I’m talking about your ordinary, day-to-day examples of sport without any higher purpose other than making a sweat and liberating a bits of your soul. Looking back to my 20-some years, sports had a lot of impact in my life and the way i grew up.  

Sports are something that can easily be compared to real life. Most of the rules that apply to real life will apply in sports as well. By engaging myself in various sports, I learned a lot of lesions, some harder than others. They stuck with me for life and ended up as some of my key characteristics when it comes to succeeding at life. See, life usually doesn’t prepare you at time for challenges. This is where sports come into play, you get to learn the lesions early, and you can apply them later when it comes to real life issues. 

I’ll try to put into words some of the major ideas behind the title. 

You create your own luck

This is one of the biggest things that i learned while doing sports and it really engraved into my character. See, in life, you’re going to have your odds against you. You’re going to have luck against you. Sometimes, some players would simply be physically superior at whatever we were competing at. And that’s just how life is. But, you can always outwork them, out-sweat them. If not on the court and actual game, than be it before or after the game. It was really hard losing to someone who simply powers his way through the game, and a lot of times it left me with a sense of disappointment. It left me with mad thoughts like “Why couldn’t i just be a little bit taller, faster, have bigger bones” and such. It’s a harsh truth of life that’s perfectly illustrated in sports, but It’s an important one to realize and accept. You will have odds stacked against you. But there are hundred other ways you can fiddle with odds in your favor. You can create your own luck. If you have 20% chance to make a shot, it will be 30% if you spent weeks practicing it before that moment. Things will never be hundred per cent in our favor, but there is million things you can do to make it as big as possible. It’s something that stuck with me in life and I’ve always used this philosophy whenever engaging in whatever I wanted to accomplish.

Teamwork matters

See, i was always more of a loner type of guy. I don’t normally like to count on some external factors to accomplish my goals. I want to have a complete control of the results myself. But, that’s just not how world works. A lot of times, I would find myself dominating on the field, playing my heart out, unstoppable, relentless but i’d end up losing anyway. Also, a lot of times would be exact opposite. I have an off day, whatever I do ends up failing, and i still end up winning because of my teammates. This is where i learned that solo ways are not going to work out. And i could always rely on my teammates, friends, family or anyone else really. You can also affect the results of what you get from your teammates. You can always be a little bit more motivating, pushing so they perform better. Leadership is a characteristic of great people, perhaps they aren’t even that good at a certain subject, but still, they take the most out of their coordinates and end up accomplishing things just like that.

Dealing with losses 

This is probably one of the biggest characteristics when it comes to accomplishing stuff. You can either own it and manipulate it to your own use. Or you can succumb to it, and let it destroy you. See, I always hated losing, and who doesn’t, really? But every single time i suffered a loss, I gained even more thirst for succeeding the next time. The harder the loss, the better the lesion. I used to compete in tournaments, and there was once this time where i was absolutely certain i would crush it and win the whole thing. And it did go like that, until the finals came. It was a hard game, it exposed to me not just flaws in my game, but my mental flaws as well. It was really hard to deal with all the pressure when losing as a favorite. And after i suffered a loss, it stung like nothing before. I was really pissed at myself. But looking back at it now, it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. That loss made me push much harder than i ever did before. I pushed way past my previous limits when it came to training for the next tournament. But most of wall, it made me reevaluate my mental game, the most important one.

That’s the time i adopted the five P’s philosophy: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 

But it didn’t stop there. It never does. I still lost many times in my life before. But this time i knew what it was about. I prepared hard, i gave my best mentally and it still didn’t work out. So what. There was no reason to cry about it. I accepted my odds at winning. I knew that, if i wanted better odds, i simply should’ve put more work into it. I should’ve had better diet, less distractions. But at least i knew what my odds were, and i couldn’t complain that i didn’t win since i simply choose to practice as much as i did.

So whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish in your life, just know one thing. It’s all in your hands. You are your own limitation. Sports helped me tremendously to come to this conclusion, and i still remain a student of life simply through playing sports. There are things about yourself that you don’t have any clue are big part of you, and trust me, sport will help you find them. It will help you find yourself. If it reveals your flaws, then you can always work on improving them, but it’s important that you get to know yourself. Apply yourself to sports and find who you truly are. Let it reveal your character.