More than often, we meet people who have this unexplained magnetic attraction oozing out of them. They are very likeable, yet you can't explain what it is explain them that you like.You say, they have a very 'charismatic' or magnetic personality. They are the 'likeable' people who seem to get on well with anybody and everybody. 

Every one of us wants to be more attractive and charm people, to have a long-lasting effect on people and be remembered as an exceptional human being. 

Well, this trait, the charm of one's personality is called charisma. Some are born with it, while others like me and you, develop it through our own hard work and wit. It doesn't take much, just a few behavioral modifications and you are good to go! There are some ways to develop charisma and make your personality more attractive. If you want to learn them, keep reading!

Be confident

The thing about charismatic and successful people in general is that, they are confident in their skin. They are confident in what they do, what they say, what they decide. Confidence is being okay with who you are and what you are doing in life. Nobody likes a faltering, indecisive individual. It is not easy to be confident about all your decisions, about your body. Pay the right amount of attention to yourself, work out, and wear the right kind of clothes. Before making an important decision, think well. Don't panic on little problems learn to tackle them calmly.

There is however, a stark difference between confidence and arrogance. Being arrogant means that you are never open to improvements. You rarely listen to others. Don't arrogant. Be open to suggestions and improvements. If you don't know about a particular subject, be curious. Be open to conversations and try to understand other people's views rather than proving that you are right all the time, if you know that you aren't. Be a good listener and pay attention to what others have to say, if you want to be heard.

Learn how to strike a conversation 

To develop that charisma in yourself, you have to learn the basics of a conversation. Drop the wallflower attitude. Just sitting back and listening to what other people have to say might be comfortable and easy for you, but charismatic people are the ones who make up the conversation. If you are the quiet type, who likes to sit back, listen and enjoy, this will be quiet tough for you. You will need a lot of practice and feel uncomfortable at first, but it all will pay off.

Think of the things that you can talk easily on. Read about stuff. Don't crack bad jokes, people can live without that. But don't make your argument dry either, crack jokes, keep it interesting. Share your experiences, make it livelier.

Striking a good conversation does not necessarily mean that you have to sound brilliant. No, you have to sound nice. If you don't know about a certain fact, be open and learn it. Be open to criticism and smile a lot.

Stay alert

You need to listen to what others say. I repeat, arrogance is not confidence and it shuns people away from you. If you are all mouth and no ears, people won't like to talk to you, they will shrink back from you. Listen to other's stories, their experiences and what not. Don't pretend to do it though, really listen. Develop interest in other people, ask them what they love doing, what they want to in life, about their experiences in a particular field. It helps you learn too and gain second-hand experience.

When you are in a group, let others speak. Make the speaker feel important by paying close attention to what they say. Be accepting of their opinions and don't try to prove your point forcefully. You need to learn to be patient and accepting.

Be smart and witty

Charismatic people are sharp, smart and alert. You incredible wit is what makes you attractive. You have to stand tall and have strong belief in yourself. You need a strong set of goals that keeps you going. Aimless and directionless life takes the charisma out of your personality. Set your goals high, stay focused and dedicated.

Attractive does not mean a perfect face and a perfect body; it is all about how you carry yourself. You need to accept who you are, accepting yourself wholly, along with all your bodily flaws. Nobody is born perfect, and they don't need to be perfect to feel beautiful. Once you understand that, you will be a positive influence on yourself as well as others.

Being attractive means, taking care of yourself, putting on a nice dress, have a good haircut. Feel good about yourself, wear a nice perfume and smile a lot. Smile is the best accessory you can wear.

Make others feel beautiful too, compliment them with genuine compliments.

Say No to Criticism

Criticizing someone in a harsh way never really makes a difference. It just makes the listener hate you. If you really want to help someone improve, be kind to them, make suggestions. Pay attention to your sentences. Don’t start with, 'you shouldn't' rather say, ''If you do this, it will have better results''. Consistent criticism rarely does anyone any good, so don’t do that. Be patient with your friend and loved one, suggest improvements and not criticizing.

Be open-minded

Be open-minded and more accepting of others. True, you have a set of beliefs and a specific lifestyle but that does not mean that everyone has to follow that. Everyone has different opinion and everything cannot be done according to your liking. So, don't force your opinions on others and learn to accept diversity because that's what makes the world beautiful.

If you want people to see you as a leader and a strong personality, you have to be genuine, real, confident in yourself, open-minded and caring, and above all, the kind of person who pushes everyone forward by encouraging them.

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