We all have to agree that there is no exact guide book on parenting because our children are different, we are different, and even the environment is different. Some parents just go with the flow while others have a strict routine but do it work for your children or you? Sometimes as a parent we feel like we fail our kids or just we aren’t good enough for them. Sometimes we even struggle to balance parenthood with our work or activities. Well am here with good news, here are some guidelines that will earn you points with your kids, partner and even conscience and you can become a superstar parent.

Let Communication Be Both Ways 

As much as you want your kids to be obedient and listen to you, you need to know that your kids are also learning from you.so when you listen to them, they will listen to you. Take your time to sit them down and ask them how their day was, and you tell them how your day was. This will open up communication between your children and you. This will also build trust in your relationship because they will always be openness among you and the children. Always be keen when you child is speaking to you and take them seriously, this will also make it easier when you also want to discuss with them any issue.do not underestimate their understanding of issues because this may make them feel not worthy of your time when they want to discuss serious issues.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

Always be ready to give your children credit where they deserve, reward them and applaud them for every accomplishment they achieve. This will make them enjoy doing well not only for the rewards but also to feel responsible. Giving credit will also be reciprocated to you and who doesn’t like a good pat on the back? So be a superstar parent by giving your child some credit.

Do Not Compare Your Child

This is a mistake some parents sometimes make unknowing, and it affects your child psychologically which can later reflect on their actions.do not even compare your child with their siblings. This will even create rivalry among your children. In some cases, it has gone as far as children getting into physical altercations all because one is seen as the favorite. You have to understand that children are different and if you pay attention you will see each of their strengths which you can use to motivate them.

Create Time for Your Kids

This can be as little as thirty minutes a day or a full day of fun and delight for the whole family. Creating time for your kids will allow you to get to know your kids much better. This time will also help you know their strengths and weaknesses and how you can help them grow stronger and strengthen their weaknesses. If there is a certain issue affecting your child, or any form of abuse here is where you get to notice the tell signs because you know your child’s behavior and you can notice certain changes. You should also create time for each child separately to allow you to know what each of your children likes and their hobbies. Help you children do their homework or simply if you can go through their homework after they are done with it. Also, create games just for you and your children that you can add to their routine.

Respect Your Children

They say respect is a two-way thing; this also applies to your children. Respect your children’s things and privacy. Do not touch their things without their permission or go into their room without knocking on the door. This will also help them do the same for you. They will respect your privacy and always knock your door when they come into your room. This will also establish a sense of responsibility because they will have to respect others too and take care of their items and yours too. Your children will also feel independent when you respect them like knocking on their door before you enter their room.

Be a Good Role Model

Show your children how to behave in the house and outside when they are in public. Children look up to you, and they also imitate some of your behaviors, and you will find them doing them in front of your family and friends because you do it in front of them. Do not gossip people or speak ill about people especially neighbors, your children will think it is okay to do that, and they will do it even with their friends. Set a good example and be careful what you do when they are around.

Always Show Your Children Love

Say “I love you” as much as possible and when you see that they need the love. Be there for their milestones and give them a warm hug before they go to sleep or leave the house. This will always leave your child feeling loved always. Attend school events and show your support for your child if they are taking part in the event. Reward them for participating like taking them for ice cream or take their favorite meal. Take as many pictures as possible of their millstones and treasure them dearly. When they grow up, they will always thank you for that. Take videos of their school events or just holidays and birthdays. Create this routine even when they grow up, and they will treasure this momentum as they look back

Being a parent has its ups and downs sometimes you snap at your kids because you may be angry or upset and this can leave you feeling like a bad parent. No parent is perfect because we are different, and our kids have different needs, but this wonderful tips can help improve you as a parent and earn you points with your kids. Good luck!