Even though cats aren't as fascinated with socks as dogs are, giving your furry friend a holiday stocking full of treats is a fun way to celebrate. But how can you pick the best option when there are so many to select from? Friend of the feline, fear not! This is how to choose the perfect needlepoint cat stocking for your picky cat:

Size Does Matter—But Not for Bragging: Unlike people, cats probably won't give a damn about how big the stocking is. But make sure it's large enough to accommodate all the goods you intend to add. Think about the stocking's measurements and contrast them with the sizes of your cat's best toys.

Material Marvels: Cats can be picky about texture. Opt for soft fabrics like fleece or plush that they'll find cuddly and comfortable. Avoid anything with itchy materials or dangling embellishments that could be a scratching hazard.Choose cozy or fleece-type materials when possible.

Durability is Divine: A playful pounce can turn into a stocking shredding session. Choose a well-made stocking with reinforced seams, especially if your cat enjoys a good scratch.