Of course everyone has different interests and what is interesting for you might not be interesting for others. That’s why the first page on Blogool is personalized for you. What you can find there? 

Personalized recommendations of posts based on your reading history 

We analyze what posts you have read in the past and suggest other posts that are most commonly read after posts that you have read. In this way you can be sure that we recommend posts that are interesting just for you. If you have recently read posts about Disney movies, you may be recommended more posts about movies; if you have recently read posts about how to lose weight, you may get recommendations for similar posts and so on.

Personalized recommendations based on subscriptions to blogs that you liked

Just hit a red subscribe button under any post and you are subscribed to the blogger who wrote this post. After you have subscribed in the left menu on a first page, you will see bloggers who you are subscribed to and once they have written a new post, a small green circle will appear next to their faces. In this way, you will know which bloggers have written something new. Also on the first page in the “Subscriptions” section you will see the most recent posts that have been written by bloggers to who you have subscribed.

Recommendations on the right of each post on Blogool

These are the posts that have been read most often after this particular post. You may decide to read one of them because these posts are highly relevant to the post you are currently reading.

On Blogool we have a large number of bloggers and this number is constantly growing. On the first page of Blogool you can see personalized recommendations of posts that you likely will enjoy reading and also follow blogs of interesting people to who you have subscribed. The only thing you need to do to make Blogool personalized for you is to log in, and if you don’t have an account yet, to sign up. If you don’t have many friends who blog on Blogool, just invite them to Blogool and after they start writing their blogs Blogool will become even more interesting for you as a reader.

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