QuickBooks Error 502 Bad Gateway indicates that the HTTP status code server is receiving an invalid response from another server on the internet. When you visit a website, the browser itself stores some data from the page in cache memory so that it loads quickly the next time you visit the same page. When this cache memory is full, your browser will no longer be able to save data and you will receive a 502 Bad Gateway error code. This error can be easily fixed by clearing your web browser cache files. There are many other possible causes, and we will discuss their solutions later in this article. To review these factors and simple solutions, read this section to the end or contact our technical support experts at +1-844-499-6700. We will then immediately provide support services.

What causes QuickBooks Error 502 Bad Gateway?

• If you haven’t cleared your browsing history for a long time, this bad gateway error can be triggered.

• Another reason could be any kind of malware or virus attack.

• A similar issue can also occur if the user has not added his Intuit as a trusted site in the browser.

• Additionally, this particular issue can occur when the browser cache memory becomes full.

• Or, if the QuickBooks application cache memory is full.

• This issue can also occur if active scripting is disabled in your browser settings.

Solutions to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 502 Bad Gateway

Below is the list of the steps that are effective against QuickBooks Error 502 Bad Gateway.

Method 1: Access QuickBooks via a web browser

• Go to Intuit's official website.

• Enter your login information and click the Help tab.

• In the next step, click on Contacts.

• Once completed, close the 502 Bad Gateways in the "What can we do to help" section.

• You must click "Let's talk later.

• Then start sending messages or get a callback.

Method 2: Manually download the latest transactions

• This process requires you to first go to the Bank menu.

• You must also select the account to update.

• Click the Update tab.

 If you find duplicate entries, your bank may have submitted your entry twice. This often occurs after performing a maintenance update. Transactions may be excluded from the download transaction page twice.

• Go to the bank page.

• Click the Check tab and highlight duplicate entries.

• Also, click the Batch Actions tab and select Exclude Selected Items.

• If a transaction is missing, it may not have been posted yet.

Method 3: Check the active scripting settings in Internet Explorer.

You should check the active scripting settings in Internet Explorer. This can be done using the steps given below.

• First restart your browser.

• Next, clear your browser cache.

• Also, start Internet Explorer and select Internet from the Tools menu.

• The next step is to open the "Security" tab and go to the "Internet" icon.

• Next, select your custom layer and click the Enable Active Scripting option.

• Finally, you need to click on the OK tab.


The QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway error can be extremely frustrating. However, you can resolve the issue without much effort by following the above methods one by one. Still not able to resolve the issue? If any of your questions remain unanswered, contacting QuickBooks Online Support staff is one of the best ways to resolve the error. Call our our technical support team at any time at +1- 844-499-6700 to discuss your issues with our certified experts and U.S-based accounting experts. These experts will help you resolve this error.