Eclectic or fusion style, a compelling combination of several eras, cultures, and design aspects, is dominating the field of interior design. For those who want to defy convention and design a living space that truly expresses their unique personalities, eclectic style offers a pleasant playground. The technique of mixing and matching, where each item adds to a pleasing whole, is at the core of eclectic living room décor.

In this blog, we will cover in-depth and inventive methods to seamlessly incorporate hand-painted artwork into an eclectic living room design. We will also talk about the best decor shop to buy handmade paintings for living room.

How to Decorate an Eclectic Living Room

The decor in an eclectic living room is all-inclusive and defies conventional or traditional decor. It embraces a wide variety of colours, designs, textures, and aesthetic choices, fusing them to create a compelling and genuine narrative. Imagine a living room with a modern sofa, a vintage coffee table, colourful Persian rugs all around, and walls covered in a diverse collection of artwork. This design aesthetic honours the satisfaction of creating a room that reflects your soul and exudes a distinctive atmosphere.

The Art of Selecting Handmade Art

A crucial step in decorating your home is picking the ideal handcrafted paintings for your unique living room.

Analysing your current décor and colour scheme in great detail is a good place to start.

Determine the dominant colours and theme of the space to help you choose the right artwork. For instance, look for handmade paintings that match and emphasise the warm earth tones and lively colour accents in your living space while also presenting interesting contrasts.

Your chosen handmade paintings should speak to your heart and foster a sense of connection within your eclectic surroundings, whether you're captivated by the spiritual paintings, mesmerised by landscapes, or drawn to modern pieces.

This spiritual Roop Chandan painting can act as a focal point in your living room. This painting can also act as a peaceful art for bedroom.

Combining different art forms

The ability to tastefully meld many art forms is the essence of eclectic living room design. This chance to combine several artistic mediums gives your area a fascinating new level of visual intrigue. Consider decorating a wall with an impressive modern artwork like "Modern art by Madan Lal" with strong brushwork and brilliant colours next to a traditional painting like "Rickshaw series #1" that uses similar tones in a different context.

You can also pair paintings with wall art. For example, you can buy a painting as the focal point along with a couple of small pieces of wall art that complement the painting. You can buy modern or traditional paintings and metal wall art online in India from Satguru’s.

You can buy this modern painting online from Satguru’s online store.

Other decor items

While painting is one of the more important elements in an eclectic-style room, there are many other decor items that you can include. We have created a list of different decor items you can use in your room:

Clocks: They act as functional pieces of art in your living room.

Vases: Vases can be used to fill in small spaces in the living room. It can be displayed on a wooden table or shelf.

Mirrors: Mirrors have an amazing ability to create the illusion of more space, and the light reflecting from them enhances the living room vibe.


Introducing handmade paintings in your eclectic living room is a captivating experience of self-expression and your limitless creativity. Your living area will transform into a mirror of your individual style and personality if you embrace numerous art forms, bravely mix and match different art styles, and curate a gallery wall. So embrace the mystique of handcrafted items and eccentric decor, and watch as your living space transforms into a place that resonates with you.

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