When you write a great post you may want it to be seen by many people. In this post we share several effective ways to get as many readers as possible. 

Tip 1: Write your blog post on Blogool 

On Blogool your posts are recommended to readers of other bloggers, they are followed by your subscribers and are also promoted outside of Blogool. Basically on Blogool for any post you write you gain significantly more readers than if you wrote it on a personal standalone blog.

Tip 2: Make it interesting

Of course to attract a lot of readers, your post needs to be interesting and should have a good title and pictures. You may ask: “What do you mean by interesting to read?” We have analyzed thousands of post of many bloggers and found that highly read posts have 3 things in common: They are genuine, they give value, and they contain pictures. You can read more about how to write a post that readers would love to read here.

Tip 3: Share it with friends on social media

After you write a post, share it on social media with friends. In this way you will gain initial readers of the post and it will quickly get associated with other posts on Blogool. This means that your post will be recommended to readers of other bloggers who write posts similar to yours.

Tip 4: Write more posts

Simply write more posts. This advice may sound simple but it really works and works very effectively. The more posts you write, the more people read each of your posts. Firstly, you gain more blog subscribers and your posts will be read by more people within the first couple of days. Later your posts will get in “recommendations” sections. Also, people who enjoyed reading one of your older posts may want to check what else you have written and will read your more recent posts.

We know that for any blogger the most motivating thing is having a number of readers and genuine blog comments. Follow our recommendations above and we are sure that you will become a highly read blogger in a short period of time.