Children reflect on their parents, the good and bad traits. We all want our children to be model citizens in the society, but the struggle is motivating them to be successful and helping them see the world from your point of view. It’s every parent's dream to see their children successful and doing their best in life. Children like adults need the motivation to attain their goals and help to make their dreams come true. Here are some of the ways to motivate your kids to be successful .

Invest in their future 

Show your kids some faith and invest in their future. This will build their confidence in you and themselves. Nurture their talent and invest in their interest because that can be their strong points in life that can drive them to success. Often children show interest in various fields at a tender age; this will help you identify their interest and talent which you invest. Invest your time, money and patience, and you will see your child prospering in their various fields.

Be a role model

Lead by example. Let your children admire your success first. Let them yearn to be like you, a successful parent who is striving in your field of study and practice. Show them the fruits of being successful, and they will want to be as successful as you are.

Acknowledge their imperfections.

No one is perfect even you as a parent you have your shortcomings which you would not like them to be highlighted in front of do not highlight your child’s imperfections especially in front of siblings or friends. This will demoralize your child and also create self-esteem issues which can be avoided. Let your child feel comfortable enough to be able to make mistakes and learn from them without too much scrutiny. Concentrate on their strengths and let them build a foundation with their strengths not also forgetting to help them iron out their imperfections to be much better but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Set realistic goals for your children

Be realistic with your children and allow them to set their goals with your guidelines. This will allow them to know what their capabilities are and you as a parent will help them attain those goals with guidelines on the do’s and don’ts when setting this goal. Set them up for success b helping them know which goals are realistic and which are not according to their capabilities. This will motivate your children to success because they can attain the goals you have helped the set making them successful.

Reward their efforts

Just as you are paid a salary inform of a reward for your work, also reward your children as they make milestones in their lives. Let their efforts be known to them and also reward them appropriately because, for example, you cannot give candy if your child came home with good grades. A more appropriate reward can be taking them for lunch in at their favorite restaurant and have a meaningful conversation appreciating their effort and come up with more ways to better the grades. This is setting your child up for success.

Rewarding your children also gives them the motivation to be better since they also look forward to getting the appreciation and recognition they earned.

Connect with your child and show interest

Children often try to impress their parents with even the slightest things they do from a tender age, and they also try to earn their respect. Show some interest in your children’s well-being.

Show them that you care and love even the small efforts they make. Try doing activities that they love doing not just activities you love of you are forcing them to love. Trying to do this activity that they love will help you connect with your children because e they will be free and more relaxed. This will make them be open with you and hence you will know their dreams and visions in life. From there you can help your child attain their goals in life making them successful.

Consider your child’s interest.

Before you come up with what you want your children to do in the future and to what extent they can be successful, know what your children’s interests are. Know which activities they love. Know your child personality and order for your child to be successful they must be interested in a certain field that they want to be successful. Support your child’s interest and do not try to change them to suit your expectations of your child. They may end up hating their future because they chose a path that you chose for them. Your child will end up being miserable in their field.

Have constructive talks

When talking to your children try to talk to them as you would an adult because they also understand and this will also make them feel valued. Listen to your children and respect their views even if you do not agree with them try to have a meaningful conversation and help them understand from your point for view before judging them first. Understand your children and try to relate with them and put yourself in their shoe sometimes by also viewing situations how they view it. By doing so, it will encourage your children also to be open to your suggestions and view issues as you do. This will create a neutral field when you a discussing matters concerning their day to day lives and also their future. By doing so also you will be setting your children up for success.

Sometimes it may prove to be difficult to motivate your child but remember you have to be patient with them as they also view the world differently than you as a parent do. They may also look at it as a chore than actual motivation, so you have to be patient and understanding and do not stop trying to motivate your child because their success reflects on you significantly.