Travelling in itself is already an adventure and travelling with a mate is double the adventure, fun and excitement but it can also be a big challenge. It isn’t always rainbows and roses. Even the most solid couples still run into problems and have their foundations shaken by disputes while on the road. After all, two people traveling means learning to make compromises and adjusting to each other’s quirks.

I heard someone say that travelling together as a couple is the litmus test of relationships. If you can travel without killing each other, then you are good together. So, before you scream at each other and be at each other’s throats while among picturesque sceneries, I am offering you some tips on how to ensure that you have a great holiday with your significant other. 

Talk about your expectations  

Deciding on a destination is one thing but your ideas about the trip is another. One person in the relationship may dream about spending time on the hammock, sipping piña coladas, tanning or reading a good book while Person B is thinking of scuba diving snorkeling, trekking, spelunking or doing other adventurous things. One person just want to relax while the other might just want to just wander around and get as many cuts and bruises from all the activities available.  

In order to avoid arguments over such things, it is important to talk through both of your preferences and make a list of activities and experiences which the both of you can share and have fun with. This will make the trip enjoyable for both parties. 

Discuss your budget 

Finances always figure on top of the list of things couples argue about. If you have a modest budget and a partner who always likes to splurge, then things do not seem too good for you. It is necessary to have an honest dialogue about the amount of money you are willing to spend and how the expenses are to be divided. Always decide on the amount you are willing to fork out before you book or buy anything. Or if you want to have less hassles when it comes to deciding who pays what and when you can just assign one person to pay for everything during the trip and have the other transfer their share of the expenses once back home. 

Such a system may not work for some couples but there are plenty out there. All you have to do is make sure that you have talked through everything and decided on a system in order to avoid arguments on the road.  


Being in close proximity to one person for an extended period of time can be suffocating at times. Don’t get me wrong, it happens even to the best couples out there. No one is exempt from it. Your relationship is going to be strained at some point if you are with someone 24/7. How do you avoid getting tired of each other? Have some time for yourself and away from each other.  

Let’s say Person A likes old books then she should have time to go to the destination’s bookshops while Person B who loves to check local cafes should have ample time to wander around and just do what he loves. Not only will both parties have time alone, they also get to do what they want. 

Do not let yourself get too hungry 

Tempers run high when the stomach is empty so never let yourselves get too hungry or you will end up becoming hangry (hungry + angry). Discuss approximately what time you should have your meals before you head out and start exploring. When either of you hungry make sure that you let the other party know. The last thing you want to do is exchange hurtful words just because you were hungry and have reached your breaking point. 

Learn to compromise 

Two unique individuals traveling is bound to get on each other’s nerves sometime. However, you can easily avoid nasty arguments by learning to compromise. After all, love is about compromise. Try to keep each other happy even when it comes to the little things. It’s all just give and take. When your partner is very particular when it comes to food, just grin and bear it when she has to look at 100 different menus before finally settling on a place to eat, provided that you are not very hungry though. 


Being away does not mean that you should leave romance at home. Set aside romantic evenings when you travel and splurge on a nice hotel or a romantic dinner. Bring the passion back and keep the romance alive in your relationship by spending quality time together in a nice, upscale room even for just a night or two.

Kiss and make up 

You and your significant other will have arguments, regardless how many advice or self-help articles you read. It is just inevitable. So what do you do when you bicker? Do you storm off and leave your partner alone in the hotel room and only come back at nighttime? Well, the rule is you should never go to bed angry with each other.  

You may need to have some time alone for you to cool down so you do not end up making the situation worse but at the end of the day you should kiss and make up. Vacations, after all, are mean to be spent in happiness and excitement with the one you love and not upset over someone or something.  

The truth is traveling with a significant other can be trying, heck being with someone in a familiar place can be trying, what more when you are in a strange land, but it can also be a very rewarding experience. Not everyone is given the opportunity to see the world with their best friend and share amazing experiences with their favorite person. The experiences you share together while traveling will also give you fond memories to look back on