After having analyzed thousands of bloggers, we realized that the difference between an article that people love to read and an article that they won’t continue reading after the first paragraph is very simple. This difference is just 3 simple rules. If you follow these rules the process of writing will be more pleasant, people will enjoy reading your posts more and you will gain more subscribers. Let’s begin: 

Tip 1: Be genuine and express your subjective opinion 

When many people begin to write, they want their audience to think of them as very knowledgeable, serious and respected people. To achieve this goal, people write in a very dry and professional tone like they are writing an encyclopedia. As a result their articles are not read past the first paragraph and readers don’t care about them. Why? Because readers can sense if you are genuine or not and if you aren’t, they feel that you don’t care about them and stop reading. Also when you read something written in a professional and dry tone usually you think: “Hey, it’s boring. I’d rather read something more entertaining.”

The truth is that people don’t like reading boring professional texts. They enjoy reading subjective opinions of real people written in a conversational, down-to-earth tone. When you write a blog post, imagine that you are talking to your best friend over a cup of coffee in your kitchen. Write like you are talking to a friend, rather than to a large quantity of anonymous readers. If you write this way your post will be perceived as genuine and interesting, and your passion will be contagious to your readers. Readers will love your posts because they will sense that you are talking directly to them, you care about them and you are a nice person sharing his or her thoughts.

Tip 2: Give value to readers

When people read a blog post they want to get value: to be entertained, to learn something new, to find an answer to their question or to listen to a person they like. Often people write a lot of words using many generic sentences without actually saying anything. Readers perceive such texts as boring and a waste of time. When you write, take a stance and actually say something. Remember that people like reading subjective opinions of other people. You can teach your reader something, you can tell a story from your life or just share thoughts. When after reading your article, people can say in a couple of words what they read about – it means that your article was valuable for them.

Tip 3: Use pictures and videos

Our research has shown that blog posts with pictures or videos get at least 100% more views than posts with just text. People consume information visually and love videos and pictures. Pictures not only convey information, but they also are interesting and engaging. When people see pictures in a post they automatically get more interested in reading it and perceive it as more valuable. So if you want to increase the amount of readers of your post – just include pictures or videos in it. You may ask: “What kind of pictures work best?” It might not be obvious but genuine pictures work best. Genuine pictures are pictures that are relevant to the content of your post and that were created by you. For example, a picture of you in Las Vegas taken on a phone would work better than a picture of a model in Las Vegas taken by a professional photographer.

There are many different approaches to writing a blog post and every blogger writes whenever and whatever he or she wants. We just think that following these 3 tips would make any blog posts better and more popular among readers.