Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. provides top-notch investment management and advisory services among Canadian, retail and institutional investors, including financial institutions, public and private pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, and private accounts. The firm originates investment vehicles with a view toward predictable results. Further, the team has a portfolio and risk management service that include discretionary investment management and asset allocation.

Caldwell is proud of having a team of experts who thoroughly monitors portfolio compliance in accordance with investment mandates and regulatory requirements, and provides financial performance reporting to investors and clients. Through their integrity as well as depth of experience, the company sees its people to be its most valued asset. Learn more.

Caldwell was built in 1990 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caldwell Financial Ltd., a majority employee-owned firm. The firm is committed to preserving and growing your wealth with their personalized, customized and flexible plan defined by their heritage of fostering deep and enduring long-term partnerships.

Caldwell Investment is proud to be registered with their principal regulator, the Ontario Securities Commission. Caldwell is also registered in other provinces where it does business.

President and CEO Brendan Caldwell

As the present president and CEO of Caldwell Investments, Brendan Caldwell is very passionate about what he does for his firm and their clients. He firmly believes that investing should never be parochial. He likes to go beyond the limit when searching for the right companies to fit his strategies. They look at the whole portfolio, not in terms of having so much in Canada or the US, but where are the best value opportunities, regardless of what countries they are in.

Brendan Caldwell states that investing shouldn’t be led by your emotions, though he is clearly passionate about what stock markets have meant for the world. Caldwell believes that having an effective stock exchange is the single best mechanism the world has ever come up with for developing a middle class. The company has well-versed mutual fund managers and experts in stock markets.

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